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Richard Book is Innocent ([personal profile] oxfordtweed) wrote2011-03-06 07:33 pm

Stuff and stuff

Been sleeping on the sofa again. Ryan not happy with this arrangement, but it's either that, or me not sleeping at all, which he tends to be even less happy with. I'm having severe hip and knee issues lately, to the point that even the pressure on my knees from having my legs stretched out in front of me hurts.This also makes using a laptop interesting.

I've also written a follow up to In Outer Space, called After. The kinkmeme put the idea into my head, and I'm going to be turning it into a series, appropriately called Sex is Boring. As in this wonderful song (which is also where my tag on this journal comes from):

The series already draws from a lot of personal experience, and is quite uncomfortable to write in a lot of places. It's a pairing that I really don't like, and deals with a very personal issue. But it's also something that I think needs to be written, since the majority of asexuality fics in the Sherlock fandom sort of throw the realism and drama right out the window. These sorts of relationships are all about compromises, and let's face it: Sherlock Holmes is not the sort of man to put other people first.

I've no idea how long this series is going to get, nor do I know how it's eventually going to end. I know that a committed relationship in such a situation is possible. I've been with Ryan for 11 years. But I'm not sure how long I can see Holmes and Watson lasting in this situation. Part of me really wants to break them up. The rest of me isn't sure.

I think I'll just let it play out and see where it goes with you guys.