Feb. 10th, 2011

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Seven Deadly Sins Challenge

Day One: Pride - Seven great things about yourself
Day Two: Envy - Seven things you lack and covet
Day Three: Wrath - Seven things that piss you off

Day Four: Sloth - Seven things you neglect to do
Day Five: Greed - Seven worldly material desires
Day Six: Gluttony - Seven guilty pleasures
Day Seven: Lust - Seven love secrets

1. This meme! I don't know why it's so hard to do this every day.

2. The dishes.

3. Laundry.

4. Several fics. Are they important enough to make it on this list? Sod it; they're going on anyway, because I'm still putting off doing them.

Uhm... I dunno. Everything else is done. The bills are all paid up, there are edibles in the kitchen, and... yeah.
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You guys want to see something hilarious? I was poking around my dA account, because I noticed a new feature that wasn't there the other day, and now I want to show you something.

This is what my art looked like in 2004.

This is what my art looked like in 2010.

God, I sucked. See how terrible that is? It's terrible. Don't lie and try to make me feel better about it. I look at that compared to what I was up to last year, and I can't believe that I did both of those. That's what years of practise will do for you, though. I got from that to this on my own with no formal training at all. I just look at art that other people do, look at photographs, look at real life, and apply it all to what I draw.

I can't even claim to have good pen control. The software I use -- Paint Tool SAI -- does all that for me. I just know how to cheat to make it look like I know what I'm doing, really.
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It's okay. I THINK I can salvage this. Maybe.

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Just saw this on my Wifi list.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Rupert. 'Natch.


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