Feb. 12th, 2011


Feb. 12th, 2011 12:31 pm
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Okay, seriously. I'm about this close to just giving up and doing a proper upgrade on the computer. It means I'll have to fucking reinstall EVERYTHING, and probably get a new license for SAI (damnit), but I am so sick of this thing playing up. Seriously, I'd love to know what Ryan does on this thing to get it so fucked up.

I know this thing can be salvaged, and aside from the glaring security issues, it's still in pretty good nick. I don't want to get something new already, when I just got a new laptop last month. That would just feel like over-indulgence. D:


Feb. 12th, 2011 01:12 pm
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It's the reinstalling of everything that I don't want to do. But, fine. Whatever. Here's a list of things I'll need to find the discs and crap for.

SmartFTP Client
Paint Tool SAI (may need a new licence)
Easy Thumbnails
Fireworks 8
Security Essentials
Dynamic Photo HDR (may need a new license)
Microsoft Word
Security Essentials
Livestrem Procaster
Wacom tablet driver

This is going to suck.
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$130 and seven hours later, and my computer is finally starting to behave properly.

Homeboy from Geek Squad, who has been remotely controlling my computer all day, just rang me up again to let me know that there's still a bit of work to be done, but things should finally be done in about two hours. Which means that I neither have to reinstall anything, nor do I have to repurchase any software licenses.

That was my biggest worry. My choices were between paying someone else to fiddle around and maybe fix it, or go out and purchase a new OS, do a full system wipe, and definitely fix it, but at the cost of about $300 between the OS and other software licenses.

I chose the cheaper option. And it seems to have actually worked in my favour. Thank fucking fuck.


Feb. 12th, 2011 09:08 pm
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So, I got off the phone with Homeboy from Geek Squad about a half hour ago. I'm not doing the last little bits he told me to do, and which he couldn't stick around for (and really, who would ask Tech Support to hang around during a Disk Defrag anyway?).

He did about $200 worth of service for $130, because he said that my computer was so fucked up that it would have been cruel not to do the full package. So, yay!

Say what you will about Geek Squad, but every time I've gone to them, they've been nothing but awesome. And my computer works again.


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