Dec. 24th, 2011

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  • Made a bit of headway on one of my big bang fics.

  • Made vague plans with Bill for tomorrow. The only thing we seem to know for certain is that Sherlock Holmes and alcohol will be involved.

  • Organised all my wool. It's now much easier to get to when I need it.

Oh, yeah. I also sliced off part of my fucking finger! Just the meaty tip part; nothing vital's missing or anything, but still. FUCKING OUCH. Have you ever tried typing without the tip of your middle finger? It doesn't work particularly well. D: This icon is so fucking appropriate, it's not even funny.

Because I know people will ask, I was trying to open a box, and the blade slipped. Bled like a son of a bitch, stained everything. No, I'm not posting pictures, because it hurts too much to deal with.
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2011's pretty much over and done with. I consider it a good year. Made some friends, got back into fandom (even if I did leave it again, but hey), learned some new things.

I also wrote a LOT. How much a lot?

Approximately 142,000 words.

This does not include the counts for both of my in-progress big bang fics, an unpublished Holmes pastiche that's also still in-progress, or numerous other things that haven't seen their way off of kinkmemes yet. I don't even know what that number would be if I included those items. This does include fics that I wrote as [personal profile] jumperfucker and exchange fics that have not yet been revealed.

I don't usually do new year's resolutions. I still don't really count these as such, but I would like to, in the coming year, actually make a bit of money, and not maim myself in any way. I tend to be really bad at both of those things.


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