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When I have asked you repeatedly to clean up the computer room because the mess became so bad that it actually broke my tablet, and when your not doing so prevents me from finding the chequebook so I may pay the rent, you are not allowed to make it out to somehow be my fault that the rent has not been paid.
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I love iTunes. I swear by their Genius feature. I love that thing, but it is rather restrictive, in that it only works with what's on your hard drive. Which, sure. I've got close to 12,000 songs in my iTunes, so I get a great selection with the Genius feature. But I still only hear what I've already got. So, I set out to find something new that works on a similar level. Using iTunes as my control, I tested Last.fm, Pandora, and Spotify.

I went looking for several key features:

  • The ability to listen to a specific song, artist, or album at any given time

  • The ability to create a 'radio station' based on the selected song, artist, or album

  • The created radio station to start with the specific song or artist I selected to build upon

Most important for me were the listen to what I want when I want factors. I tested this by inputting Journey's Don't Stop Believin' and telling the services to give me music based on that song.

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