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Common AU/Fusion occurrences in Fandom

What are your favourites? I need to make a list of them for a thing.
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none of my favourites are common I'm just getting that out of the way right now

I like putting things in Sunnydale (and combining Buffy and Marvel canons and then putting things in that). I like putting things in the Hunger Games. I like putting Sherlock Holmes in things. I like putting Tony Stark in things. I like putting fusion AUs in other fusion AUs.
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Hm, Harry Potter AUs seem extremely popular. Also X-men "everyone's a mutant" type things. I've seen a lot of His Dark Materials popping up too. If I think of anything else I'll be back
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I really love the SGA/Sentinel fusions (which are hugely popular in that fandom), even though I can't stand The Sentinel TV show. I generally love dS/Sentinel too (I think it's the whole bonded thing) and dS/[movie] - not sure how to name that one. Basically, AUs that are based on classic movies. And for awkward value I enjoy SPN/Addams Family (of which there is hardly any, so I had to write it myself) and SuperWho (despite not being a very good Who fan)...although I suppose those are more crossovers than fusions, I guess? Hmmmmm.

And of course I love LoM/HP fusions, although I think Witch!Chris is about the only one.

I generally won't go out of my way for any particular kind of AU -- I know college!AU and highschool!AU are huge in SPN, for instance, but I really don't like it much. I take that back: I *do* like AUs where one or both main characters are college professors. Huh. Okay. :P
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Well that made me think of something else, with is fusions based on Xanthe's BDSM universe, which originated in SGA but seems to have migrated to a number of fandoms (including LoM - petra wrote a Xanthe-fusion which I still haven't read, but really want to) to the point that some people write it without any awareness of where the concept originated. Nonetheless, it's still a fusion, even if the universe was fan-created to begin with. VERY popular.

I guess I was confused by the question, though, because I assumed you were looking for answers that were very specific. I mean, the Sentinel is a huge basis for fusions in almost every fandom I've ever read in, honestly, but personally I only like it in SGA and dS....although, I can't say I've seen it in LoM or HF. HAHAHHAAAAAAAA HF/Sentinel! *plots*

I would be SHOCKED if there hasn't been a spew of Sherlock/Sentinel fusions, it's custom made for it. :P