oxfordtweed: (Sherlock - Mad Grin)
Richard Book is Innocent ([personal profile] oxfordtweed) wrote2011-02-11 12:59 pm

Benedict Cumberbatch, you are one goofy-looking dude

I'm doing a bit of boredom sketching, and trying to get a better grasp on this guy's face. All I seem to be doing is making things worse.

Seriously, this guy has GOT to be from a small planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse. He's got that crazy ginger hair (when he's not being Sherlock), his eyes are at an impossible slant, he smiles way too broadly, and let us not forget those cheekbones.

Seriously. Who am I describing, here? Cumberbatch, or Ford Prefect? They're semi-half-cousins. That's the only explanation. Betelgeuse has already gone Supernova, with the Betelgeusians having spread far and wide across the galaxy, and one of them has landed on Earth.

Tell me, Benedict: Do you know where your towel is?