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I was doing this fairly regularly before we moved and I stopped going to the comic shop on Wednesdays. I found a new shop just up at the next light, and they seem to have a pretty decent selection, so I figure I'll start up again.

First on the list, issues 1 and 2 of Whispers. My criteria for comics is good art and an interesting story. In that order. I can handle a predictable plot if the artwork looks good, but I can't sit through even the best stories if the artwork looks like clown vomit. This one's a Luna comic, so it's got the marks under art (aside from the occasional derp faces, which Joshua Luna seems to be unable to draw in three dimensions). The premise so far seems pretty interesting. It's about this guy called Sam, who has OCD and has learned how to astral-project. And he can also hear peoples' thoughts and see demons. There's also his recent-ex, Lily, whose dad seems to have been paralysed by a drunk driver. She thinks Sam's mental, which he probably is. The story's not had much of a chance to pick up yet, so more later.

I've not decided if this is a pull box comic or not. We'll see how it goes. I predict that Sam will be dating the girl he met in issue 2 by December, and probably around the same time, Lily will realise the mistake she made in breaking up with Sam. Ugh, I hope not. Please be surprising, Joshua Luna.

I also picked up volume 3 of the Killer. Not to be confused with the Hong Kong bullet opera of the same title, this one's a French translation about a hired gun. It's very Leon, in a way. I'm actually still on volume 2, but it was on the shelf so I grabbed it. It follows the unnamed narrator and anti-hero as he tries to work out if he's been sold out, set up, or just plain going mad. It's an older one, and may or may not have been abandoned. I can't actually tell. The end of volume 3 has a TBC note, but I can't find any information on a fourth volume. The copyright dates also don't match up between the book itself and what I can find on the internet.

Anyway, if I do happen to find a volume 4 out there, you can bet I'll be grabbing it up. It's got a good grit to it without being needlessly graphic, which is surprising considering the subject matter. The art is also quirky, which I like. Good line economy makes the character design pop out from a lot of the other stuff that's out there right now.

Last on the list is Mouse Guard: Legnds of the Guard. I heard about this once, a while ago. Probably on Attack of the Show. I'll be honest, I picked it up solely on the art. Cute, fluffy little mice with swords and armour? Yes, please. I've not actually read this one either, seeing as how I only bought these a few hours ago and spent my morning reading the Luna ones instead. But like the Killer, it looks like more of a slow read anyway.


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