Nov. 22nd, 2011 06:42 am
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  • I hate the word 'Cumberbitch,' and don't even know why it needs to exist.

  • I have discovered dry wax. My hair has since forgotten what gravity is. I've used it twice, and it's already well worth what I paid for it.

  • I think I may be in love with my Yuletide assignment. I offered specifically to avoid contact with the fandoms that are burning me out or pissing me off lately, and was still paired with someone I know from said fandoms. But not for those fandoms, and her prompt is glorious.

  • I have had an eight-year-old child in my face for the last two days. I am a quiet man of simple and secluded habits. I have no idea how to yell with screaming, hyper children. My headache at the moment is nigh on unbearable.

  • Saw my sister today for the first time in forever. Wasn't able to do much visiting because aforementioned spoilt small child had the television on at full volume and kept leaping off of the sofa.

  • Finally got my new dressing gown out of the laundry. It's hideous brown, goes to my ankles, and has the weirdest fucking lapels on the planet. It may be a new favourite.

  • I think my diet may be driving my mother crazy. She has no idea how to cook without that to which I am allergic.

  • I find myself lately fighting a constant battle of tact and manners. I fear I may lose, at which case I shall be extremely disappointed with myself. I'm amazed I've been able to hold my tongue for so long. In the event that I fail to remain tactful, I fell I should apologise in advance. No, I am not able to specify on this, for reasons of this damned annoying tact. I just wanted to get something of it down all the same.

  • The more I think about my decision for Thursday, the more I think it's a stupid idea. >.>

  • In the course of typing up the previous dot point, the spoilt child came in to bug me. I successfully bitchfaced him away. I appear to be getting better at this.

  • I should be writing. I am completely unable to think. My brain is mush. I may take over my mother's bedroom tomorrow in order to get something accomplished.

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This is a bit of a faff, I will admit, but it works. There's normally a slightly easier way to do this within the programme, but the same thing that broke the import tool here on DW also broke the history browser in Semagic. In order for this to work, you have to delete your LJ post by post, but you're also creating a back-up, should you want to ever restore it. Doing this will automatically copy time stamps, tags, icons, icon keywords, title, and content of the entry. The only thing it DOES NOT save is comments, unfortunately.

  1. Download Semagic (I've been using this for years; it's completely safe)

  2. The default settings are for LJ. Sign in as you wold normally (DW is a bit different; we'll do that in a bit)

  3. Click on Journal > Edit Last Entry

  4. Click Save Entry to File. Save it in the default location.

  5. Click Delete Entry, and confirm the operation.

  6. Repeat as necessary.

To upload to DW:

  1. Log out of Semagic.

  2. Click on File > Server Settings.

  3. Change Server to Click OK

  4. Enter your username and password and log in

  5. Click the 'open file' icon, just beneath Journal (icon of a folder on the far left of the screen)

  6. Select the file you want to post. It will auto-populate everything in the composition box.

  7. Make sure it looks right and that the entry is backdated (by clicking the 'Backdate Entry' box under post options). NOTE: if your icons are not the same on DW and LJ, or if your icon keywords are different, it will not be able to match the icon to what it was originally.

  8. Click Post.

  9. Repeat as necessary.

If you have any questions about this process, let me know.
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  • Soup: completely pointless; not terribly filling and hurts too much for a second helping. I also wind up wearing a fair amount of it for some reason

  • Oatmeal: filling but rather painful. Gets places, and then doesn't want to get out

  • Weetabix: same

  • Pudding, Jello, and ice cream: soothing, especially ice cream. Completely unsatisfying. Far too sweet.

  • Cottage cheese: has the decency to not hurt. Not terribly filling unless I eat enough to make myself a bit ill. Good for a snack; may try more.

  • Mashed potatoes and peas: closest to a proper meal I've been able to find. Far too much effort but ultimately worth it.

  • Coffee/Tea: surprisingly soothing. Not actually filling and has the unfortunate side effect of the ingredient that makes it soothing also being the ingredient that keeps me up for days on end.

I've had a few suggestions of baby food and some 'cream of' soups, so I may try those. I have no blender, so any suggestions involving one of those are out. On the baby food front, any suggestions?


May. 23rd, 2011 01:33 pm
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  • Very carefully devour the sandwich waiting for me in the fridge.

  • Finish my Holmestice.

Speaking of which, might anyone be able to do a quick beta for me on that? I put it off, thinking that I could do it after my appointment on Tuesday, but realised the other day that it's due on Wednesday. Which means I've been working on it whilst a bit high on pain killers. That's never good.

I tried asking for a beta on the meme, but got no takers. Sad.
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  • Boil enough hot water to be able to bathe comfortably.

  • Take a very quick bath, as it's been a few days, but I can't wait for the water to sort itself out any longer.

  • Try not to freeze into a block of ice/get hypothermia/pneumonia.

  • Work out the remaining last bit of the most recent part of Sex is Boring.

  • Work on next bit of A Study in Time.

  • Teach my cat English so he stops crying and just tells me what he wants instead.

I don't expect to actually accomplish any of these, except for making taking a VERY quick bath.


Apr. 3rd, 2011 10:46 pm
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  • I am bored.

  • I am lacking inspiration.

  • I am tired, but not sleepy (oh, is it that part of the cycle again?)

  • I may be hungry, but it's possible that boredom has just made me think that I am.

  • The internet is being boring.

  • I keep forgetting batteries when I go to the shop, so I can't watch a DVD.

  • I'm too cold with the AC on, but I get too hot with it off.

  • I have this terrible feeling that I've forgotten something deadly important, but this could just be my usual paranoia showing.

  • Nothing seems interesting right now.

  • I hurt.

  • I could take a bath, but four in one day seems excessive even for me.

  • I'm feeling terribly disorganised for no apparent reason.

Dear me, I seem to be in a bit of a mood. When did that happen?
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  • Ryan has discovered Hetalia. god help us all.

  • Woke up to find that two of my prompts had been filled: one for Sherlock and one for Cabin Pressure. Woo!

  • I should have at least two different fic updates today.

  • This is barring my brain being taken over by Harry Potter, and the fusion idea that won't leave.

  • This may have something to do with finally seeing Deathly Hallows pt 1 last night.

  • I almost managed to sleep in my bed last night. Almost. It stopped working around 4am.

  • Tumblr is cracking me up right now. Between Mark Gatiss being on America's Next Top Model, and Benedict Cumberbatch getting a Twitter and appearing in the next series of Doctor Who, everyone's gone crazy. And I'm just sitting back, laughing at all of it.

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Only on the laptop, though. Odd.

Plan for the day:

  • Dishes

  • A fair amount of cooking

  • Maybe a bit of laundry

  • Write at least 5k words

  • Finish my drawing for the meme (I am so slow)

  • Do a bit of tidying up around here

  • Attempt to get caught up on Casualty

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Only on the laptop, though. Odd.

Plan for the day:

  • Dishes

  • A fair amount of cooking

  • Maybe a bit of laundry

  • Write at least 5k words

  • Finish my drawing for the meme (I am so slow)

  • Do a bit of tidying up around here

  • Attempt to get caught up on Casualty

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  • Indulge my personal hygiene crisis (have another bath)

  • Socks, pyjamas, dressing gown

  • Find some mood music

  • Soda. Possibly tuna sandwiches to go along with soda

  • Actually fucking write something

ETA: Also, apparently freeze, since snow is expected tonight. Bastard weather. Warm up!
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I do a lot of odd research, but there are some places I find invaluable for their very specific collections of information. Others are quite diverse, but may only give you a general idea.

Here's a list of places I have bookmarked, some of which I visit almost daily:

  • Cab fare! Gives you an estimated fare and route to expect. Combine this with...

  • Google Maps, particularly Street View, and there's no reason whatsoever for location!fail. Even if Street View may not be exactly up to date, it still gives you a good idea of what the area looks like.

  • There's also a very high-quality map of Great Britain, which outlines all of the counties. It's a couple years old, but I doubt anything's changed too terribly dramatically since 2009.

  • Speaking of Great Britain, my not-British friends may find this video helpful. It explains the differences between the UK, Great Britain, England, the Commonwealth, and more.

  • On the subject of maps, how about a Map of the Sky? Has information on distance, right ascension, declination, composition, alternative names, and everything else on more celestial bodies than the mind can comprehend. If you're really detail-oriented, you can use this information to...

  • calculate the distances between celestial bodies. First, you'll need to get a bit more info on triangulation. I spent about two days doing it by hand in a notebook during Nano, before I found these sites. They have saved me hours of tedious maths.

  • The Law in the United Kingdom category on Wikipedia has come in amazingly useful for four different fandoms over the last three years. I think every fandom person on my F-list should find this one helpful, since you all come from one of two, both which are about solving insane mysteries somewhere in England.

  • Similarly, you may want to familiarise yourself with UK police ranks, should you be writing for a fandom which would involve them. Especially if you are quite familiar with American police structure. It's very different.

  • Speaking of which, get your British slang right. You really don't want to embarrass yourself by calling a condom a 'rubber.'

  • Need to display a telephone number? Use one of these. The don't belong to anybody.

  • You may also want to familiarise yourself with London postal districts. They can make that cab fare thing in the first link so much easier.

  • One for the Sherlock fandom in particular, although still useful for other areas, is this collection of first-hand reports from drug users.

  • Another one the Sherlock fandom may find helpful is AVEN - the Asexual Visibility and Education Network.

  • There are also a few places I go for general searching. Yahoo!Answers can have some really obscure questions with some great answers. Great for simple questions.

  • [ profile] little_details is probably the best place to go for research. If they don't have what you're looking for, you can post a question, and someone will know the answer. This is great for those questions that have multiple parts, or are just so strange, you don't even know where to start.

  • Perhaps surprisingly, TVTropes can be terribly helpful as well.

  • And, of course, we can't forget Wikipedia in general. BE WARNED: these last two links have a reputation for sucking away entire hours of a person's life. Click at your own risk.

And, when all else fails, Google.
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In no particular order.

  • I've just noticed that the tags list on my fic journal is longer than the front page of said journal.

  • About an hour after my last post, I had some Weetabix, started feeling a bit better, and then repeated the whole mess with being sick and passing out again a few hours later. Basically, I had no yesterday.

  • Ryan did the shopping, and only got half of what was on my list. He did, however, remember to break the seal on the jar of pickles before putting them in the fridge. Otherwise, I'd have not been able to open the damn thing, because of science.

  • Posted the first half of a story that's been trying to devour my brain. May wait a few days before posting the second half.

  • Considering going to the shop to fetch what Ryan forgot.

  • Found Mycroft Bear on the other side of the flat. This is not because Mycroft Bear is magic or anything, but rather because my cats apparently climbed up to his shelf and stole him.

  • Should do laundry. Don't want to.

  • Should really do dishes. Really don't want to.

  • Am ridiculously tired, no doubt because I spent all day yesterday in bed.

  • I fear I may go insane by Friday. My mouse for my laptop died. My laptop which has the world's most idiotically-designed trackpad.

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  • Tidy the front room. Maybe even do the hoovering.

  • Pack my bags.

  • Finish this fic that's been killing me for the last week.

  • Find a way to get the book that's waiting for me in the locked office downstairs.

  • Make a Region 1 copy of one of my DVDs so I can show it to my brother.

  • Find a way to not die of cold and exposure for the six days I'll be in Portland.

  • Find a way to ensure we do not get snowed and are able to fly out of Portland on the 15th.

These last two points may not actually be possible. If I do not return to the internet by the night of the 15th, it's because I have either frozen to death, or have been snowed in and am on my way to freezing to death.

Whose fucking idea was it to go to Portland in fucking January? Fuck.
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  • Under the new building management, the laundry room is open 24 hours.

  • Milk crates do not make good laundry baskets.

  • By about the third load, I start to lose track at what I'm doing, and do things like forget to take the laundry basket down or not move the load from the washer to the dryer.

Also, I hate laundry. This is not something I just learned today, but rather something of which I have been most painfully reminded. FEH

Unrelated, I have also tonight explained to Ryan the differences between The First Men in the Moon, From the Earth to the Moon, and Voyage to the Moon (Le Voyage Dans la Lune). I found it kind of cute that he thought they were all exactly the same thing.
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  • Made fudge (which I can't eat)

  • Went to the shop (in my pyjamas, because I couldn't be arsed to put on clothes)

  • Two baths

  • Five drabbles

  • Text!fic

  • Actually EP'ed on M'ways

  • Did dishes

  • Slightly rearranged the flat again

  • Abused the fuck out of my LJ

  • Read about 50 fics

  • Picked a fight with someone online

  • Organised my Delicious account

  • Worked a bit on the HF Delicious account

  • Worked a bit on the M'ways Delicious account

I have also seriously resisted the urge to smear paint on things. I may still do it, because I am still bored.
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  • Hang new curtains

  • Dishes

  • At least one load of laundry

  • Clean bathroom

  • Find a place for the stuff we have no room for

  • Tidy front room

  • Go to the shop, maybe, if I can be arsed

  • Find my slippers and change back into my pyjamas.

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  • Hang new curtains

  • Dishes

  • At least one load of laundry

  • Clean bathroom

  • Find a place for the stuff we have no room for

  • Tidy front room

  • Go to the shop, maybe, if I can be arsed

  • Find my slippers and change back into my pyjamas.


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