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Jan. 1st, 2012 01:52 pm
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That is all.

No, that is not all. Actually. I wish to complain about New Year's. It's horrible. It woke me up and then wouldn't let me go back to sleep for all the banging and shouting going on outside. Woo! We made it another year without being eaten by a tiger! Oh, fuck off and go back to bed, the lot of you.

I also find it hilarious how the eve is not a bank holiday, but the day is. Because someone out there realises that most of the workforce is going to be hungover to all hell today, I suppose.

Uhm. I'll have a pattern for the Watson scarf up in about a day or two. I'd already written it up last night, and then my computer did that glorious thing where it restarted before I could save. Fucker. So I'll write it up again, I guess.

Also, my sliced-off finger is feeling much better. I can never tell if it's a high pain threshold or a quick healing thing, but either way, it doesn't even bug me anymore. There is a massive bit still missing though. It's a good thing I'm not really doing table magic anymore, because it is so very not attractive. But really, that it doesn't bug me anymore, after just what? a week? just goes to show how much that horrible dentist fucked up my mouth in June that IT still bugs me from time to time.

BUT SHERLOCK TODAY! I haven't been this excited for something since I was squeeing about Doctor Who a few months ago. :DDDDDDD
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  • Made a bit of headway on one of my big bang fics.

  • Made vague plans with Bill for tomorrow. The only thing we seem to know for certain is that Sherlock Holmes and alcohol will be involved.

  • Organised all my wool. It's now much easier to get to when I need it.

Oh, yeah. I also sliced off part of my fucking finger! Just the meaty tip part; nothing vital's missing or anything, but still. FUCKING OUCH. Have you ever tried typing without the tip of your middle finger? It doesn't work particularly well. D: This icon is so fucking appropriate, it's not even funny.

Because I know people will ask, I was trying to open a box, and the blade slipped. Bled like a son of a bitch, stained everything. No, I'm not posting pictures, because it hurts too much to deal with.


Nov. 12th, 2011 07:06 pm
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So, I'm supposed to be doing laundry and shit so I can go to Portland on Tuesday. I am being severely slowed down by the fact that the lift is broken, and will not be repaired until Monday. Which, fine. I can do the laundry I need on Monday night before I leave, and all that, but still.

That is two flights of stairs. Not a lot, but the only reason we agreed to a second-storey flat was because there's a lift. Because, you know, mobility issues of the hip, knee, and back variety FUCKING SUCK. lajesfio nasnfj;sejd;lfkaLFHFJLKAjkla

In other news, I am having my arse kicked by a fic right now. This may actually be the most difficult casefic I've ever attempted. But there are far too few casefics in the KKBB fandom, which is something I would like to discuss at length in a while, but not today. Because there is a lot of discussing to be had on that one, and I want to devote an entire post to it.

ETA: I went straight for the Pascalls. Oh my god, new favourite sweet, right there. Fucking hell, NZ has the best sweets.


May. 30th, 2011 04:27 pm
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There's like, a million things I'm supposed to be doing, and I don't have the energy to do any of them. I should be doing laundry, but I can't be arsed. I should be doing my housework, which hasn't been touched in a week. Not even going to bother.

Ryan asked me to go to the shop again today for cat food and stuff, and I can't. Just not even going to try. It's only just across the street, but I damn near passed out trying to get there and back yesterday.

At least Ryan is being really understanding about this. Soon as I showed him the carnage left in my mouth the other day, he seemed to get why I'm such a miserable bastard right now. But the constant ache does seem to have gone. Finally. It was a bit weird though. It was really bothering me like hell this morning, in my teeth around the one that was pulled, so I pushed my tongue up against them. And then I heard something sort of pop and suddenly, no pain in the surrounding teeth. I'm really starting to think that Dr Incompetent wrenched something seriously out of place, because it was the sort of pop that happens when something slides back into place.

So, score one for me! I don't think I need my pills any more, which is good, because I've only got about two left anyway. He gave me 20. I have never gone through so many Vicodin in one week, save just after I broke my back. So now I might actually have the attention span to write a few thousand words and update some of my WIPs. I feel like a lazy something for not even touching them lately, but meh. Whatever.

Still hurts when I eat though. But that's fine, because I have plenty of things in the fridge that don't bother me. Thanks for all the suggestions lately, as they really are helping. And I'm still going to go get McDonald's as soon as I'm able to eat proper food again.
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  • Soup: completely pointless; not terribly filling and hurts too much for a second helping. I also wind up wearing a fair amount of it for some reason

  • Oatmeal: filling but rather painful. Gets places, and then doesn't want to get out

  • Weetabix: same

  • Pudding, Jello, and ice cream: soothing, especially ice cream. Completely unsatisfying. Far too sweet.

  • Cottage cheese: has the decency to not hurt. Not terribly filling unless I eat enough to make myself a bit ill. Good for a snack; may try more.

  • Mashed potatoes and peas: closest to a proper meal I've been able to find. Far too much effort but ultimately worth it.

  • Coffee/Tea: surprisingly soothing. Not actually filling and has the unfortunate side effect of the ingredient that makes it soothing also being the ingredient that keeps me up for days on end.

I've had a few suggestions of baby food and some 'cream of' soups, so I may try those. I have no blender, so any suggestions involving one of those are out. On the baby food front, any suggestions?
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Now that I'm finally able to open my mouth wide enough to get a look in there, I was able to see why it's not as healed as it should be.

The tooth didn't come out the way one normally does. He pulled it out from the side. Jesus, no wonder it bled for as long as it did, and no wonder my teeth around it hurt. The hole is huge and everything around it is very badly bruised.

For the record, it did finally stop bleeding around 11pm the first night, and only started up again once after (while I was asleep). It still hurts like hell, but when I rinse my mouth out, I'm not spitting out blood, so there is that.

I can't wait until this is over.
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Earlier today, I mentioned to someone that I've been eating nothing but Jello and a bit of ice cream today. They were jealous of this, saying that they wanted nothing but Jello and ice cream.

So have it. Because you know what? I don't. It isn't filling. I have soup, but it's got bits in it that make me hurt, so I can't eat it. The Weetabix isn't much better. Ryan had some burritos for supper last night, and some corn dogs and stuff earlier today.


Jello is not filling. It barely counts as food.

Soon as I'm able, I'm going to have some greasy, nasty McDonalds. Just because I can.
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Tuesday, 3pm

And my mum's helping out, so that'll make it a bit less painful on the wallet.


How much

May. 18th, 2011 02:48 am
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Does it cost for a tooth extraction? I'm to the point where I'm willing to just be paying dental bills for a few years if that's what it takes. This thing needs to come out. I don't care how much Ryan says we can't afford it; I can't bear this pain in my mouth any longer. It's starting to affect the rest of my teeth, because even brushing that side of my mouth hurts and causes fairly bad bleeding.

And besides, getting this infection out of my mouth is likely to improve my overall health.
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One of my cats tried to kill me. I don't know which, and they're both acting revoltingly cool about the whole thing, but I'm positive it was attempted murder.

I had my laptop up on the back of the sofa, where it lives when I'm not using it. It's about the same area where my head is when I'm asleep, as I was about a half hour ago. And one of the cats got up onto the back of the sofa and pushed the laptop off.

And onto my face.

Twenty minutes on, and I'm still spitting out a bit of blood. None of my teeth were knocked out or broken, thank fuck, but I'm still in chuffing agony over this. I've taken some pills to take the edge off, and even if I had insurance, I'm not sure if there's anything a dentist could do since it's mostly just some cuts and bruises, and has mostly stopped bleeding on its own.

Today is going to be a keeping to myself day, I think. I'm not in the mood to deal with anyone or anything.
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I don't mind when you decide to spring up again. My chest is the only place I ever really have a problem with acne, and no-one ever sees it, save Ryan. So, fine. Pop up and be happy for the few days every couple of months you like to make yourself present.

BUT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS DECENT, STAY THE HELL OFF OF MY INK. One little square-inch patch of skin is all I ask. Stay away. You're fucking shit up and making it look bad.

And to my freckles, which appear to be multiplying: STAY THE HELL OFF OF MY INK. That was a very plain patch of skin when I had that tattoo done. I do not wish to see a bunch of spots all over it now. Fuckers. Go away. I don't want to fill that one in, but if you keep at it, I'll be forced to tattoo right over you brown little bastards.

And for a non-ink related update, RE: the patch of missing skin on my arm, after pouring a liberal amount of H2O2 on it (not to self: OW!) yesterday, it seems to be getting better. Doesn't even hurt when I stare at it any more. It'll probably be gone by Monday at this rate. Or... back. Whatever you'd call a missing patch of skin.


Apr. 29th, 2011 06:19 am
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The other day, I mentioned a bit of skin that seems to be missing from my arm. Well, while enjoying my evening bath, I realised that it was looking a bit... odd. I poked at it, because that is obviously what you do to bits of your arm that are looking a bit odd, and determined that it's a bit infected.

Ryan was less than amused by this discovery. I'm inclined to agree with him on the matter.
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I've a fairly impressive... something on my arm. I'm not sure if it qualifies as a cut, or a gouge, or what. But there's a decent-size patch of skin missing. I don't know what I did to have this happen, and only noticed it before I went to bed yesterday (by which point, it seemed already to have been well on its way to healing).

I frequently don't notice injuries. I put this down to the sort of pain threshold a person gets when they're uncoordinated and go through several major injuries.

So. Missing skin. Didn't notice it. Don't feel it.

Until I look at it. Well, not even then. I have to stare at it, and I guess remind myself that, hey. My arm shouldn't look like that, and it's Not Normal. And then it doesn't so much hurt as just makes itself known. And stops almost completely once I break eye contact. This is actually how I react to a lot of the odd cuts I manage to accumulate. Unless I'm actually paying attention when I do whatever I'm doing to hurt myself. Then I stick a plaster on it and promptly forget about it.



Apr. 9th, 2011 01:03 pm
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I took a bit of a tumble yesterday and kind of mucked up my otherwise healthy knee. Which is not totally healthy, as it's been spending years working overtime to make up for my quite badly damaged knee.

Basically, they're both kind of shot. Only the one that doesn't give me many problems is causing great pain today. Forget standing on it; I'm lying on the sofa, and it hurts to even try to lift my foot. It's not swollen, nor is it tender to the touch, but it definitely hates being moved.

I need to do the shopping today, because we're in totally bachelor fridge territory. D:


Mar. 15th, 2011 04:15 am
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I have just stabbed myself in the leg. Totally by accident, mind.

Damnit. These were my favourite pyjamas, too. Even if I did manage to get the stain out, there's still the brand new hole to contend with.


Mar. 15th, 2011 04:15 am
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I have just stabbed myself in the leg. Totally by accident, mind.

Damnit. These were my favourite pyjamas, too. Even if I did manage to get the stain out, there's still the brand new hole to contend with.
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I went to bed around 8:00, maybe 8:30, with the intent of actually getting some sleep.

Can't sleep. Too much pain. Sitting up hurts. Lying down hurt. I took a warm bath, and felt fine for about ten minutes, and now I hurt again.

To top it off, I really don't feel well. This is also a new development since I attempted to go to bed. I've eaten. Had plenty to drink. The only thing I've not done is sleep. Because I can't, owing to pain and illness.


Feb. 20th, 2011 03:03 am
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It would seem as though getting sick and then passing out for three hours is, while not a terribly enjoyable one, a rather efficient way to get rid of a migraine.

bleh. Today sucks.
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I want to write. Really badly. I have loads of ideas, and actually have the drive to do it.

And a headache that's trying to kill me.


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