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I have to say that I am really disappointed in what LJ has been up to lately. I stopped using my account for anything other than fandom after their last fuck-up that enabled people to access random accounts. That was just not on, so I left.

And now, I've been watching all the wank from over here and find myself absolutely astounded at the attitude of some people over there.

There are two facts that people really only need to know, and in the following order of importance:

The way LJ have redesigned the site makes it nigh on impossible for users with visual impairments to use the site (be that impairment visually-triggered migraines, blindness to varying degrees, or whatever). Screen readers no longer function properly and people have reported having migraines triggered so badly that they've vomited and/or had to go to hospital. How is this at all acceptable?

Even worse than this is the patronising attitude of many of the users, telling these people to adjust their screen brightness or the light levels in their homes. How very ableist of them. But really, I've never seen a website go so far out of its way to be so inaccessible for people. It's kind of disgusting.

The second fact is that this is a service people pay for. Since 2005, when I first started using it, I've easily put several thousand dollars their way for both my personal and my RP accounts. It doesn't matter why. The point is, I paid for this service. Many, many people do. Or did, before the service they were paying for stopped being what they were paying for, basically. It's like having a subscription to Discover Magazine, and then all of a sudden being sent something on fashion and make-up. No-one would settle for that with anything else, so why is it ok that a website should be able to change its service without warning. Netflix tried that earlier this year, and we all saw how well that went for them, didn't we? It's the same thing.

I'm thrilled to see so much new traffic here on DW. I can't wait to see fandom start popping up as well. A few of the places I spent time on over at LJ are already starting the process of porting over here, and then I'll have no reason to keep my account over there at all.

Now, if I could just get a few more icon slots over here, I'll be over the moon.
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I'm one of a handful of people who go over to FA's Crit Board to offer critiques, assistance, redlines, and any number of other ways to help people improve their art. I do tend to enjoy it, but lately, it's just been pissing me off, and I may stop doing it soon.

Yes, I appreciate that art is hard. I've been making art in one form or another for nearly a quarter of a century. I am definitely not the best, and have epic pen control issues sometimes, but I know enough about it to be able to offer help.

But the people that come in asking for help lately have just been getting on my nerves. It's getting to the point that I can fairly accurately predict what their response will be just by their OP.

Most common: post a completed picture, and ask for critique. Picture has been fully rendered and posted to their gallery, so the chances of them actually changing anything is slim to none. Optimistically, they're asking for what they did wrong and what they did right so they know how to apply this to the next one. Instead, they either

  • Fuck off and never respond to a single person in their thread

  • Insist that everything that is 'wrong' is just 'their style' and that's how they always do it (really? You always draw your characters with one arm having two elbow joints? Interesting)

  • Blame the programme/materials they used.

  • Delete the post

Every time. I tend not to even comment on finished pieces any more. It's a waste of my time, especially if I do a paint over (which is often the case for finished drawings).

Just after that: post a quick two sentences asking for crit, and then link to their gallery. I HATE these. It's against the forum rules because one of two things always happen:

  • Fuck off and never respond to a single person in their thread

  • Back track, and claim that the one picture you chose from their gallery was actually off-limits for crit and ignore everything you said

  • Delete the post

Any more, one of the other people on the board who is also getting sick of this, picks the weakest picture from their gallery, and goes full out art school critique on it. It's a bit of a dick move, yes, but so is not reading the forum rules that says not to link to your entire gallery in the first place.

Rarely: They come in with a WIP that they're having problems with, and ask for a very specific sort of help. This is exactly what this board is for, and I love when they show up. We've got different people for different sorts of help, but we all know enough to be able to offer something for every sort of help that's needed. These sorts of posts always get really awesome responses, redlines, links to other sites that have tutorials on what they're trying to accomplish, and more. These ones are always really hard to predict what will happen.

  • Fuck off and never respond to a single person in their thread

  • Insist that everything that is 'wrong' is just 'their style' and that's how they always do it

  • Blame the programme/materials they used

  • Argue that we don't understand what they're trying to do/insult our intelligence on the matter

  • Delete the post

Are you seeing a pattern?

Every so often, they'll actually listen to us, take in our advice, and post again with an updated version. Sometimes, they'll post an updated version and then do one of the above, which is always really baffling. Fairly often, the people coming into the board are looking for some sort of quick fix that they can do to make their art become awesome overnight. We get lots of questions asking about which software/tablet/brand of marker/pencil/whatever to use, and how despite using these brands, their art still isn't improving. Oh, I hate these posts. So much.

I just... guh. I'm sick of spending time to do something for people only to have it kicked back at me. If you're going to ask for help, accept it, even if you don't like the answer. We don't have to offer the help, and loads of people have stopped doing so because it just gets frustrating. I'm sick of it, and I may stop doing it, myself. A couple of days ago, I spent about an hour giving a detailed anatomical breakdown of a character, which included a paint over and loads of links of where to go for more information. So did two other people. The thread is slowly working its way down the board because the OP has vanished.

About a week ago, I did the same thing on a post that was deleted because the OP was apparently upset that a question he asked didn't get answered quickly enough. WTF? We're volunteers. We don't always check the board every day. Give us more than 12 hours to see your question and answer it. This piece was for a commission, which means now that they're probably going to wind up delivering sub-par work. Oh, dear.

I'm done whinging. I'm going to go give my remix story a quick once-over, and actually email it out to be beta-read. Why am I so slow at this? D:


Mar. 10th, 2011 11:57 pm
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So, no one bothered to communicate that Joe got off work at 11:30, rather than 7:30. So it's midnight. And we're on our way to Henderson.


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Feb. 18th, 2011 04:06 am
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Again, seriously. What is with this, lately?

Someone again tonight told me point blank that they didn't understand something. When I explained it to them, they proceeded to tell me how wrong I was.

How the fuck do you know? You just told me that you didn't understand this subject. I finally got fed up with it, and monologued a novel-length response at them, quoting the latest research, and even throwing in some personal accounts, and now this person hasn't responded to me in over 20 minutes.

I seem to recall getting really annoyed with this person during Nano, as well. I strongly suspect that they've overstated their age in an effort to be taken 'more seriously.' I've been noticing a rise in people doing this lately.

Whatever. I'm going to go do some more writing.
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Why is LJ sending out emails to community owners? I set the fuckers up, so I must know that I'm the owner of them.

Thank you for the spam, LJ.
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If you ask for advice in an area that I've spent more time working at than you've even been alive, there's a very strong chance that I might know what I'm talking about.

If I tell you that you're going about the process completely backwards, and that's why your end result doesn't work, it's probably because you ARE going at it completely backwards.

Or, wait. Did you just post in that thread so everyone would tell you how awesomesauce you are? Yeah, that's probably what it was, now that I think about it.
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Uhm, no. Once again, you are taking a word and making it negative by only looking at one of several definitions.

I swear, some days, I'm about this close to quitting the internet.
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Uhm, no. Once again, you are taking a word and making it negative by only looking at one of several definitions.

I swear, some days, I'm about this close to quitting the internet.
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Earlier today, there was a rather disturbing instance of a pastor calling the Jews "Satan worshippers." I do wish that I was kidding.

This sparked discussion in at least one other community around LiveJournal, and some of it wound up being rather... enlightening, for want of a better word.

And it also got me thinking. Every religion, non-religion, and theology has its evangelists. Christianity is, of course, the one that jumps to mind first and foremost, but everybody does it. Even the atheists will bang on until they're blue in the face. Insults can and do get thrown around, and people are accused of being ignorant and told that they're going to hell, and it just gets insane.

But when was the last time you ever heard an Agnostic evangelise? When was the last time someone knocked on your door and said, "Hi. I'd like to talk to you about how god may or may not exist?" They just don't do it.

I don't know. I had a point somewhere in this that was eventually going to turn into an essay, but I have a headache and I lost it somewhere. So I'll just leave you to draw up your own conclusions.
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Of all the forms of wank out there, I think I hate feminism wank the most. It's so... I can't even come up with words for it. That's how much it baffles me.

Most of you watching me are probably aware that I'm a housewife who enjoys cooking, does all the grocery shopping, and doesn't own a pair of trousers (long, complicated story. tl;dr version: they accidentally all got thrown away).

I don't go around barefoot in the kitchen because my husband thinks I should. In fact, I hate being barefoot, period. I have a special pair of shoes just for when I shower. In fact, my husband constantly busting my proverbial balls to get a job (another rant for another day. Hooray 14.something% unemployment rate). But while I'm unemployed, I enjoy doing things for my man. He's the sole provider for this household. He works really hard and is on his feet all day. He shouldn't have to worry about fixing his own supper or doing his own laundry. And goddamnit, if one more person tells me that I'm falling into some sort of tired old role from the 1940s, I will bitchslap you through the internet. Don't think I won't.

What the hell is wrong with WANTING to take care of your husband? And don't you dare tell me that you never see a man who wants to be a housewife. My dad embraced the role of the stay-at-home-dad. He made us breakfast, had lunch ready for us when we were home from school, and would cook supper about 90% of the time. And I know we were not the only family where mum was the head of the house (and come on. Didn't anybody ever see Mr Mom?).

Honestly, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a woman who isn't a feminist to some extent. If a woman chooses to stay at home and raise the children instead of getting a job she'll probably hate, more power to her. She's doing something she wants, rather than doing what "society" expects of her. I find it ironic that society seems to expect all women to be powerful, career-driven, putting off having a family until they're 40 types. Which, really, isn't that sort of going against the whole "free choice" thing, in a sort? If you don't fit into THAT role now, there's something wrong with you.

I'm a housewife, and I enjoy being a housewife. If you really want to find a cause to support, go rally for gay rights.
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So, I'm dealing with a commissioner from Canada. No big deal. I've dealt with people from all over the world.

This person is still in school. Again, not really worried since they just wanted a cartoon otter.

Since they're in school, they have to post the payment, rather than use PayPal. Again, fine. I tell them that in this case, I prefer something more insured than cash, like cashier's cheque, or a money order.

Here's where it gets fun. This person doesn't know what either of these things are. I explain what it is, how to get one, and why I prefer them to cash. This goes on for about 20 minutes, at which point they decide that this is too difficult, and that they'll have to send cash, and I tell them to just make sure to wrap it in a few pieces of printer paper.

Oh, wait. They don't know how to post something. I weep for this generation if they're so plugged in that they've never dropped an envelope in the postbox before.

I have a very strong suspicion that I'm not going to be paid for this piece.


Apr. 14th, 2010 09:34 pm
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So, I'm kicking back, watching Peep Show, and a promo airs. For Star Trek: TNG.

I thought it was weird enough that BBCA played Star Trek: Generations the other night, but now this?

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy Star Trek very much. Hell, look at my profile ID. But I subscribe to BBCA because I want to see British programming. I can handle the shameless editing that goes into shows like Top Gear and Doctor Who, but why the hell are they playing Star Trek, instead of putting shows like QI and Casualty on the air? I can watch Star Trek on one of the many American channels I have and never watch because they all air the same four shows.

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I'm talking specifically about those sorts of shops which go out of their way to promote non-conformity. So, here's the deal.

For some reason, it seems like the only "bottoms" I have are black trousers that are, well, black, which does not work well when we're starting to get to the time of year where 120°F/50°C + are the daily numbers, OR they're beige trousers which seem to be about ten sizes too big, and so I look like I just crawled out of an Oxfan bin.

Also, all I have are trousers. I've lived in this desert since 2006, so I don't know why all I have are trousers. Since I'm going to be spending much of this coming week out and about with my family, I decided to go out and get a few skirts. I have a skirt thing, but it's more of a dress than a skirt, and it's the thing that I wear to the Ren Faire every year. So, new skirts for summer time.

Since I live next to the Target, I went there first. Their idea of a skirt is non-existent, apparently. All they seem to have in stock right now are sweatpants and jeans. They suggested this little thrift shop thing in the same complex. They had no skirts either, but a lot of really long shirts.

Across the street is a complex with three of those buy/sell/trade shops; you know, the sort that like to cater to the "alternative" crowd. Well, since Target didn't have what I'm looking for, maybe Buffalo Exchange would?

Well, they had skirts, but they were ALL designed specifically to make sure that your arse would hang out. The shop next door was more punk rock than anything, so all of the skirts they had either had bondage straps and were designed specifically to make sure that your arse would hang out, or were plaid and designed specifically to make sure that your arse would hang out. The shop on the other end of the complex seemed to be trying to cater to people who are too broke to shop at Hot Topic, so all of the skirts they had were used and either had bondage straps and were designed specifically to make sure that your arse would hang out, or were plaid and designed specifically to make sure that your arse would hang out.


So, I decided to make my way home, and took the back way because I thought it might be quicker. And then I spotted a Marshall's that I hadn't ever noticed before. For no other reason other than I was simply bored by this point, I stopped inside.

And found two full racks full of exactly what I was looking for. I got four skirts and a big, wooden cutting board (because we need one something fierce) for about $50.

I guess I know where I'll be doing all of my clothing shopping for now on. And my kitchen shopping.
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So, I sent Ryan out to Target today to fetch a few household things that we've been sort of just getting by without. Namely a drying pan/rack for dishes, and clothes hangers. He came back with hangers and some bed sheets (which we also sort of need, since all of ours are for a queen-sized bed, and we're getting on with a twin right now). But no drying pan. He texted me twice, saying that he couldn't find any, and apparently even asked the staff at the shop. Target does not carry them, apparently.

WTF? Does nobody do dishes by hand any more? Y'all have seen my kitchen. We couldn't fit a dish washing machine in there if we tried. We do that chore the old-fashioned way, and it's really annoying without a drying rack.

I need to go get some stuff for supper, and I'm gonna see if Vons has anything we can use for dishes. Because I'm bored with keeping a bath towel on the counter for dishes. D:

On an unrelated note, I'm mostly feeling better. Some of you have heard by now of my adventures with my neighbour's boiler being right next to my bedroom, causing a serious fucking rash. For those that don't know, heat rash is a horrible, horrible thing, and I hate it, and I smell like three types of medicated skin cream and had to shave my head because it got ON MY SCALP. There was a point when wearing clothes caused serious physical pain, so it was either wear a dressing gown and and weep, or not wear anything and be freezing, which also sort of hurts after a while.

So, yay! Clothes! I could do without all the aloe goo on my head, though.


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