oxfordtweed: (Sherlock - Hateful)
Richard Book is Innocent ([personal profile] oxfordtweed) wrote2012-05-06 05:37 am

Free Comic Book Day

That was yesterday. Today. Whatever. Time is irrelevant or something.

Anyway, I had to stay up pretty late for it, because I've been going to bed about two hours before the comic shop opens. I find it's more fun if I go with someone, but Ryan didn't want to go. So I just got some stuff and picked up the second Freakangels book and came home. There was a lot of Mouseguard available this year, so I grabbed all of that. They even had 2000AD, which I wonder if that means the comic shop is going to start carrying it. I hope it does, because I've had to stop reading it because I can't find it.

And then when I got home, I kipped up with my loot and immediately fell asleep. Whoops.

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