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Name:Richard Book is Innocent
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
Oh, I suppose I should update this actually, eh?

I mostly just muck about on the outskirts of fandom, doing ridiculous things like making stupid icons and running out of icon space because 250 is not enough, apparently.

Uhm, about me. In dot-point form, because it's easy:

  • I don't know how old I am. Please don't ask; it just confuses me. At best guess, I'm either 25 or 26, give or take a year or two. For some reason, I just fail at retaining this information.

  • I have an autism spectrum disorder. This is not an excuse to say stupid shit, but it still happens anyway, often during a spectacular lapse of judgement. I do apologise in advance for anything ridiculous that I may put out there.

  • I broke my back as a kid, and while I didn't completely sever my spinal cord, I do have mobility issues. I also have terrible arthritis in my back which doesn't help.

  • I don't maintain any sort of ordinary sleep schedule. I sleep when I'm tired, and don't when I'm not. This sometimes results in going several days without, and then crashing. So don't count on me to be up at any specific time relative to my respective time zone.

  • I fall victim to guerrilla black moods that have, on more than one occasion, led me to shooting the walls. Once with a crossbow. See above about spectacular lapses in judgement.

  • I identify as male and homo-romantic asexual.

  • I'm probably more closely related to a mushroom than I am to humans, as I tend to prefer to just exist in a dark, moderately cool place and not be jostled about too much.

  • I am Team Jim.
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