oxfordtweed: Nicholas Angel wearing aviator sunglasses and sneering at the camera (Aviators - Nicholas)
Richard Book is Innocent ([personal profile] oxfordtweed) wrote2011-02-04 12:50 pm

This just happened to me

I wear sunglasses with red lenses whenever I leave the house. I like the red lenses for a few reasons; you hardly ever see them, and the really help mute blues and greens without turning everything all brown. The glasses I wear right now happen to also have those perfectly round lenses, about 4cm across, with very thin, silvery frames.

I just went to Starbucks, because I fancied a decaf Venti and one of their banana nut bread thingies. So, I'm standing there in my pyjamas and coat and red sunglasses, and the barista mentioned my glasses. The conversation went like this:

Barista: I like your glasses.
Me: Thank you.
Barista: They're very red.
Me: They could stand to be a bit darker, but they get the job done.
Barista: Are they prescription, or just for fun?
Me: They're because it's very bright in the desert.
Barista: ... I feel smart.

At least she didn't mention John Lennon, and start singing Imagine at me. Like everyone else does.