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Day V - 10 Songs You Love Right Now

To preface this, you need to understand that my definition of 'right now' and the world's definition of 'right now' might in fact be very different where it comes to music lists.

One, I currently, since finishing All The Crooked Saints, have been flipping between three playlists, two of which I co-own with [personal profile] blueofthebay. The first, Jo Harvelle's recent Medietas playlist, 'Done Well By Their Name', and the other two 'Pork Cutlet Bowl' and The Boys, for first, Yuri Katsuki & Victor Nikiforov, and second, Steve McGarrett & Danny Williams. The first has some 251 pieces on it. The second, 218. The third, 678. (This is only a tiny toe-dip in how many playlists I have, and is only the three I've been dallying in since about Thursday.)

Two, I play more music in my classroom than my students openly tell me they get, or have gotten before, in any other class.year. I warned them at the beginning and at this point I've had days of country, pop, classical, 2017 chart toppers, clean rap, heavy metal, death metal, 60's, 70's, 80's, Disney music, Christmas music, blues, folk, classical music, halloween music both instrumental and song charts. I've even had kids pick everything from from Rob Zombie to Cindie Loper or Lana Del Rey or Pentatonix when I gave them the option.

Right now is going to be the rightest right now possible, and it'll probably already be altering again before I sleep and definitely before noon tomorrow, when music has already been playing in three different classes:
1. Unforgiven II, Metallica
2. She's So Mean, Matchbox Twenty
3. Break The Ice, Brittney Spears
4. Unsinkable, Sam Tsui (ft. Elle Winter)
5. Ship to Wreck, Florence + The Machine
6. One Moment in Time, Whitney Houston

Here, have some life long Amanda Theme Songs, too:

7. You Owe Me Nothing in Return, Alanis Morissette
8. I'm Sensitive, Jewel
9. Unwritten, Natasha Bedingfield
10. Tanglewood Tree, by Tracy Grammar & Dave Carter

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⌈ Secret Post #3946 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


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Hiya Folks,

A bit of housekeeping before getting to Happy Hours for this week.

 A Big Milliways thank you to all the people who app'd. You should all be ready to go. 
The Cast and Contact Lists have not be updated yet, but I'm hoping to get to that tonight. But if not...likely tomorrow.
By Wednesday, the latest.

Happy Hour shifts this week include:

Today, or what's left of it.
Tomorrow! all day.

They go to the first good home that claims them.
Have at!


Monday DE

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Blame [personal profile] sunbaked_baker for this one...
At the risk of sending everyone into the internet black hole that is TV-Tropes, what are your favorite tropes that appear in your pups' canons? Or what tropes do you find yourself using in your own writing?

For example, I'm a sucker for Badass Bookworms trying to Refuse the Call, and Affably Evil, Deadpan Snarkers. Surprise, surprise. ^_^

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Hi there, Milliways! My name's Catharine and I'm brand new to this game, after being in the Dreamwidth RPG scene for a while and then kind of vanishing for a few years, then getting the itch to play back. I'm bringing in Graverobber, the grave-robbing, drug-dealing, plot-narrating character from Repo! the Genetic Opera.

I'll put up a post to the bar for Graverobber later today, but I figured I'd say hello since I'm brand new to the game. Looking forward to meeting/playing with you guys!
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Picking up where I left off in Part I

III. Geek Girl Brunch, October 2017: Cosplay

There was the long drive to brunch from the lake, playing Jo's 'Done Well By Their Name' playlist, not in costume as originally planned. After wearing Scarlet, and The Blue Princess Dress, for all of yesterday my back was killing me at the end of last night and when I woke up this morning. Thus, I went with my back up brunch shirt, the pink VS shirt that has big white block letters readings "Brunch Before Boys" that I bought specifically for GGB.

I ended up being one of only two people in the whole brunch without a costume, and I felt about an inch tall the whole way through. It's over and done now, and know people will tell me to not worry about it, but I still feel a bit of a failure for not doing my makeup all perfect and just weathering through the drive and another 4ish hours in Scarlet for the sake of GGB.

The event itself was good. The trivia was amusing. The coloring sheets were used. The Grab Bags had candy and tiny shot glasses, reading "Pick Your Poison." I never got a look at the raffle table, but everyone seemed to really love everything they walked away from the raffle table with. (I'll see more of it when I'm curating the pictures for the write-up on the GGB international website.)

Even though we're having some no-shoe issues again, it was truly great to see so many new faces, too.
III-B. Geek Girl Brunch Officers Meeting

Meeting was short but sweet and had in the ice cream at Brindles, next door to the place we held brunch. (For the third time ever, in five billion years, or like ten, I showed up and they had my Honey Pine Nut ice cream. I got a small serving and a pint for my freezer for much, much later.)

So; meeting; short, sweet, to the point. We covered the big, surprise, amazing things we're doing for the December Magical 80's Movie's Ball and picked the themes for January through June (Star Wars, DC, Geek Girls of Color, Crafting, Comics/Graphic Novels, and Pride/LGBT Geek Girls).

IV. Grand Prix Watching Parties: Rostelecom

This is the new brainchild of the 2017-2018 Figure Skating Year, leading into the 2018 Winter Olympics. I will be holding Figure Skating Watching Parties while the Grand Prix, second half, and Olympics are going on. It's for friends, family, people they bring. Fun for watching, fun for food, drinks, working on self projects. Everything.

This event was actually kind of delightful. It wasn't without its bumps, but we managed to gather. Two friends, one sister, and myself. We watched all of the Men's Short Program, and a video of all the 1st-3rd winners in every single category (Men's, Women's, Pairs, Ice Dance).

Jess worked on her JJ/Otabek/Multi-Fandom Itabag while she was here. Kat worked on pieces of a Christmas gift. Mel hugged her pillow and had delightful commentary. We all drink wine, and I talked to Laura about skating and some other stuff throughout it. For something that requires 12 hours of watching to catch everything, it was only about 3 hours for most, and a little longer toward like 4 for my sister.

I'm so very invested in everything already and ready for more.

Next weekend is Skate Canada!


The evening post-people was quite and calm, spent revisiting, beautiful reads and talking to Laura. All in all it was actually a rather lovely, low key way to end a very busy back-to-back weekend. Now that I've finished three pieces of it, and three pieces I meant to get posted, I need give another once over to King Lear: Act II.

(Then, I have to go clear my bed of all the boxes and bags from packing yesterday morning in a two hour rush, and of the bags taken for traveling during the weekend. Which after all these are completed, I'll be able to locate my bed and go to heavenly lands of sleep.)
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King Lear: Act I & II

Stiefvater, Maggie - All the Crooked Saints
Stones, Greg - 99 Stormtroopers Join the Empire

The Ancient Magus Bride 1-2
Death Note 1-2

Grand Prix #1: Rostelecom

Half Price Books: Annual Clearance Sale
NISD Nerdvana Con
Annual Halloween Lake Party
Geek Girl Brunch, October: Cosplay

Sunday Indulgences

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It's Sunday again, Milliways, and you know what that means...

it means oopsie, I forgot last week's entry! My bad! )

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» icons / lenny (all forms), david

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On Halloween, the bar will find itself overrun with creepy porcelain dolls*. They aren't normal dolls, but extra creepy ones from Wilford's world.

Some time in the morning (Pacific time), Wilford will come into the bar and accidentally bring one with him. This is the queen doll, and from her will spawn even more dolls. She'll be hiding somewhere until the end of the day.

Basic horror rules apply. They are animate, they are creepy, and they probably want to harm you. The dolls can be as dangerous as you want or need them to be. They may want to just tug on your clothes and creep you out. They may want to pick up a fork and stab you with it. They'll move whether or not you're looking at them, but aside from that, they have no supernatural powers. Being injured by one will only hurt as it should. Only the queen doll can summon more, which she will be doing constantly. They're also made of porcelain, so they're pretty easy to smash and kill. Once you break the vessel, the doll is dead.

The queen doll will be killed by the end of the night (there's no set time; just at a point where it seems like things are winding down, or it's getting late), and with her all of the others will fall lifeless to the floor, to be disposed of in whatever way possible. An announcement will be made in the back room when the queen doll is dead, so all players can react accordingly.

The doll invasion itself is to be kept in a single, contained post. If you do not want to deal with the dolls, they will be super easy to avoid as they will only be in one place.

*There are creepy porcelain dolls in the link.

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64 Steven Universe Icons

Spoilers for 'Wanted'

30 Peridot
22 Lars
12 Blue Pearl

The rest are here at [personal profile] dolewhip.

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64 Steven Universe Icons

Spoilers for 'Wanted'

30 Peridot
22 Lars
12 Blue Pearl

The rest are here at [personal profile] dolewhip.

a family's choice

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Title: a family's choice ao3 dw
Rating: pg-13
Pairing(s)/Characters: barty crouch, mrs crouch, barty crouch junior
Word Count/ Art Medium: 806
Warnings (if any): n/a
Disclaimer: i own nothing.
Summary: His wife is dying and pleads with Barty to allow her to save their son. He is adamant that Junior did wrong and he has a duty to keep his son in prison.

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NAME: Ayana.
AGE: 34.
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Painting, drawing, photography, animals, graphic- & web design, piercings, tattoos.
LOOKING FOR: I'm not too picky, long as we have some things in common.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm Schizotypal, socially awkward, I mainly post personal thoughts, art, photos, weightloss progress, (icon) textures and so on.

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Insane Weekend, Part I

Oct. 22nd, 2017 08:28 am[personal profile] wanderlustlover
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I. Nerdvana Con

This went about as well/not-well as I truly expected it to. The things that were badly planned for a first year, over all, were still badly planned for a first year (and one of them even went as unpatroned as I knew it would), but more importantly I made the decision to focus less on the con as a whole and more on the postage stamp area that is mine (/ours): which is only the Gaming Area/Gaming Committee.

Gaming went amazingly well. We had X-wing mini demo's. A game vendor who brought dice & games to sell, as well as was our awesome people who checked out both board games and card games for free play, too. We had a huge area for Intro to DND, with four different DM's running 1 hour campaigns. During the whole nine-to-two period of the 1st Nerdvana Con we never had less than 75 people in our area. It was a resounding success.

There was some incredibly inconvenient stresses with the person who headed up our committee for this last year, but it's about to be run, more specifically, by the four of us who've been around more during all the planning. During yesterday we filled two documents with how it's going to be run during the next year, too. All pro's, con's, ideas from us/the kids/the people volunteering time & product for us.

I went into the con yesterday burned out and not all that pumped (and considering the idea of not coming back at all to the big planning group or the small committee for next year), but I've come out off it proud of what we managed to accomplish for the fist year, and newly inspired for everything we can do in the next year to prep for the next Nerdvana Con.

II. Laura & Brian's Family's Halloween Lake Party

My whole party response has been underwhelming.

After two years of feeling guilty for never being able to make it to this rocking Annual Lake Halloween Party (which Amber & Laura go to, which is, I know now), run by Laura's husband's parents), I finally made it. It's out about an hour from town, and it was, undeniably, a gorgeous drive. Especially during the last 10-20 minutes of it, when everything is dips, and dales, and green rises, cutting into valleys and lake scenes.

Apparently, though, everything about party this year was bust. Everything that it wasn't, it was instead. The party usually has 60-75 people; it had about half that. The party is around a bonfire, because it's usually freezing; it was unexpectedly Texas hot even far away from the bonfire (and terribly warm near it). The party usually runs until 2-4 in the morning; we were leaving to shower and sleep around 11.

It being unprecedented, even the people who come every year were very surprised, and I've been told multiple times by multiple people 'it's never like this.'

My second borrowed DragonCon dress from Laura ended up being a bust, as the stays actually punch into the top of my thighs when I sit down. I crashed hard after the party. The nearby cabin we stayed in wasn't terrible, but the tiny place decided to not get cold and there was one glaring light through the front window, which mean after sleeping like brick, once I woke up at my normal 6, it was almost impossible to get back to sleep.

The party itself was a burst, but really the rest was just fine. It was lovely getting to hang out with Amber, Laura, and Brian, meeting Brian's parents and their friends across the way. The hours getting into perfect makeup and costumes for everyone was fun. The hot dog bar was a lovely, lovely thing, and second favorite to the venison sausage. The mule-rides were hilarious (especially when I accidentally stepped on the gas during one, and another where we were all trying to carry bottles and open drinks while going and down the hill in it).

During the same said main house alcohol raid which lead to the mule ride with the open drinks, I discovered a new alcohol I have a deep, new love for: Tennessee Fire. It's cinnamon whiskey, but it tastes exactly like a red hot. It's better than any Fireball or Goldschläger.

It was nice to have a catch-up session in general, since I don't see Amber usually during my weeks or months anymore the way it used to be daily working in the same grade-leve/department as her. It was nice to see Laura for something fun and frivolous, and not simply related to us talking about my arduous -- that are mostly rare, but highly emotional bouts on the -- path with everything revolving around my endocrinologist.

Pipe Creek is gorgeous in the blustery, just barely sprinkling morning (and now, raining!), with a riot of garden colors and a million birds singing. It really is a lovely place and I can see the appeal all around. It will be fun to come back in the spring and see the infamous St. Patrick's Day party.

We've plans off to breakfast next with all the crew out here, and then I'll be off into the rest of Insane Weekend's plans. Geek Girl Brunch will be in the middle of my day with October's Cosplay brunch, and then tonight my house is hosting a viewing party for Grand Prix Event #1: Rostelecom. More on these and other things once they've come to me.


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