May. 3rd, 2011 02:13 am
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New community popped up, and it was something that I've been sort of hoping to find. I think, "Score! I've been waiting for one of these!"

And then I click on the profile, and everything on it just put me right off. All posts have a required header which is a mile long (and which requires a disclaimer, which bothers me to begin with), you can't post to the comm and include a link that leads elsewhere for your fic, not only is posting moderated, but so is the membership (seems like they're just creating more work for themselves there), and the comm layout is fuck-ugly.

Which, yes. Their comm, they can run it as they like. But I won't be joining. I will, however, be a bit disappointed that this comm exists, but is already being run with way too much force. Communities with a lot of rules have always really bothered me, because it does seem to sort of throttle back the fun aspect.'

And going back to fic headers for a moment. I have a document template in MSWord that has this text:

I still feel like I can make that smaller. I don't know why, but large headers put me off. I don't like disclaimers because they're stating the obvious and don't actually stop anyone from taking legal action. It's just an admission of guilt. Warnings sometimes rile me a bit as well. I warn for three subjects: extreme physical violence, any sexual violence, and mind-fuckery (whether it's a character or the reader who will be getting mindfucked). Someone last night asked how they should warn for someone cutting their hair whilst angry, and that just baffled me. Cutting hair is a trigger now? I can understand the mindset of not wanting to upset people, but I also hate the mindset that fandom should have all the sharp edges covered in bubble wrap and all of the toys made of soft foam.

Another reason I dislike warnings is because they spoil the story. Often unnecessarily so. But some people prefer them. I'm not going to tell anyone that they shouldn't or can't put warnings in their headers, but I will wonder why people feel the need to warn for kissing or eventual slash. If your header says Pairing: Sherlock/John, I'm going to assume that it's a slashfic. I'm a grown man who does not need you to hold my hand.

This is why I love AO3's UI. You are REQUIRED to fill iin a thing for warnings. And one of the options is that you choose to not warn for anything. It says right there on top of the fic that there may or may not be something that someone may or may not find squicky, but if I tell you what it is, it will kill the suspense of my story. I used to not even pay any mind to that section of the header until I came across one that was fairly decent until all of a sudden Sherlock had his hands down Mycroft's pants. And then I went 'ew,' made note of the author so I know who to avoid (since she doesn't warn for anything) and make a point to check the warnings area now.

That's another thing, too. Headers, especially the mile-long ones, are fucking redundant. I saw one the other day that included the date the fic was written. Generally, if a fic is posted to LJ for a show that's not even a year old and which only has four and a half hours of content, I'm going to assume that it's fairly recent in the grand scheme of things and probably only contains canon elements for the first three episodes. Another one I've seen is

Characters: X, Y
Pairings: X/Y
Warnings: Slash

You can cut the warnings and pairings, one would think, and simply put Characters: X/Y. That says everything, doesn't it? These two characters are going to be featured and they are in some sort of probably sexual relationship.

Another one that I always have to laugh at is

Summary: Character does X action.
Warnings: X action

Yes. I can read, thank you.

TL;DR, fandom feels like primary school, and it annoys the hell out of me.
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I hate these words. More than anything. They're not even fucking words.

Did you know that English has a gender-neutral set of pronouns? Ready for it?


Yes, they is also a plural pronoun, but it is also a singular gender-neutral pronoun. When I see comments like

On the other, we don't know where zie got that point of view from, what exactly zie had been through in zer life and how exactly that had affected zer, so judging zer motivations is nigh impossible.

my eyes just glaze over. You might as well just add 'chicken' and 'pig' in place of 'they' and 'their.' It would make about as much sense.

Who decided on this, anyway? I've only seen this crap pop up within the last year or so, and I can't believe that it's catching on. And don't you fucking dare tell me that language is fluid and that it evolves. I don't care. I still hate these phoneme combinations. This is just a case of me hating on your drive to be as politically correct as possible. And I openly hate on it, because it's fucking stupid.

Rant over.
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Yes, it is cold here, in Portland. Do you know how I know that it's cold? In Portland?

Because, believe it or not, this is a rather subjective matter. So, while 56° with 90% is warm for you, dear mother, please bear in mind that since 2006, I have been living in the middle of the damn Mojave desert, where there is never that much humidity EVER, which does not leave so much damn cold, moist air hanging about to just bore into my poor, arthritic bones.

So, yes. While the raw data on the internet has been saying that lately, Vegas has been consistently about 20° colder, it's also had no more than 30% humidity. Believe it or not, this makes the air seem warmer than what you have here in this god forsaken rain forest. I am not used to this much humidity, and I do not like it.

So, no. I will not be going outside to have a bonfire, in the dark, with wet all over everything. I will be staying indoors, next to the heater, and watching Sherlock on your massively huge hi-def television set.


Dec. 20th, 2010 12:14 pm
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If I read one more story that's labelled as Gen, and it winds up having surprise!Sherlock/Mycroft elements, I may vomit.
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Incidentally, what will happen if AO3 being down prevents me from uploading my Yuletide fic?
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Incidentally, what will happen if AO3 being down prevents me from uploading my Yuletide fic?
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Is it just me, or are people getting way too easy to offend these days? Particularly, I've noticed, college-educated people. I've found myself on more than one occasion being chewed out for using the singular 'they' in a gender-neutral context, because apparently now, we're supposed to use zie/zir/whatever the hell that is. Which, I can understand the whole thing about how language evolves, but that is just a ridiculous thing to get your panties in a wad over.

I can't even say the word 'retard' any more without getting flamed to all hell. I'd mentioned somewhere (I don't even remember where at this point) that forward progress in our government has begun to retard, and will very quickly grind to a screeching halt at the rate it's going. Now, apparently, even these supposedly smart people on the internet never studied music or English in school, because they didn't know what the word actually means. IT'S A GODDAMN VERB. IT MEANS TO SLOW DOWN OR TO DELAY. It's derived from the Latin retardare, which means -- guess what -- to delay or be slow. How many times have you been tardy to school or work? Guess what? It's the same thing! When it started being applied to people, it was a politically correct way of calling someone an idiot. Now, the word idiot is thrown around with abandon, and the word retard has been given this ridiculous stigma. Fuck!

How many people say 'jeez' in lieu of actually swearing? I've seen it occasionally spelt 'geez,' but that seriously raises my hackles. Do you know why? Jeez is a contracted form of Jesus. Whoops. You're not swearing, but you are blaspheming.

And recently, my husband and his girlfriend were involved in an epic row because he'd used the medically correct word 'hermaphrodite.' Apparently, this is not longer acceptable, and we are supposed to say 'intersexed.' Except, my spell check does not recognise 'intersexed,' and a fucking slug is hermaphroditic (which my spell check does recognise).

Around the same time as that, some guy on the internet told a female blogger that he wanted to "have [her] babies." Somehow, this was tantamount to rape. Jesus the Jew, what the fuck? My first thought when I'd heard this was not that this guy had any interest in this blogger sexually, but rather that he was an ONTD Jackal.

On a similar subject, I am a housewife. I am not a 'stay at home woman' or whatever the new PC title is. Because I don't just stay at home. I do a majority of the shopping, I make sure the bills are paid on time, I take things down to the post office if they need to be dropped off there. A housewife. This is my choice. I am not being oppressed, and my husband does not make any decisions for me.

Not too long ago, while my husband was at work, he was approached by a tourist (which, given his job, happens a lot, so this in and of itself was nothing special). This particular tourist was a middle-aged woman, who was apparently in Vegas on her own, and was trying to get to Old Vegas. When she asked the best/easiest way to get up there, Ryan recommended the Deuce, which is an over-priced bus that takes an hour to go 13 miles, but which is still far preferred over the highway robbery one experiences in Vegas taxis.

This woman, looked at Ryan with incredulity, and very offended at the idea that she take a bus at 9:00 at night, asked if he'd let his wife do that. To this, Ryan apparently laughed, and said that he doesn't let me do anything, and how that particular bus was, at that time (and had also been in the past), part of my commute home from work well after 9:00 at night.

Apparently this was not a good enough answer for this woman, and she walked off, probably to get charged $50 for cab fare.

But that's my point. I don't work now. I'm much happier at home, fixing supper and doing laundry. I hate commuting, and hope to never have to do it again. How the fuck is this anyone's business? No, I do not need liberating. Where were all these rallying cries of liberation when I was working a job I hated for not nearly enough money? Why does it offend people that this is how I've chosen to live my life? Seriously, go pay attention to something a little more important, like starving children or sky rocketing unemployment rates.


Dec. 8th, 2010 09:23 pm
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At this moment, I have 185 gigabytes worth of assorted data to back-up. I have 30 DVDs remaining, which have been failing at a rate of about 1/3, so I realistically have probably closer to 20 DVDs. I really hate having to pick and choose what I want to save. And even without such a huge fail rate, I'd still need about ten more than I have.

As of this typing, I have been working at backing stuff up for about 13 hours. Maintaining the rate I've been going today, I can probably finish sometime around probably 2:00-3:00 tomorrow afternoon. And then I get to completely to a full system reformat, which hopefully does not just catastrophically fail.

I want my email back. I want my sound back. I want to get out of fucking safe mode and away from 800x600 resolution. I want this thing to stop shitting all over itself every time I ask it to do anything beyond opening Firefox (which is, apparently, even occasionally too much to ask).

I need to go to bed.
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So. I was never able to get Windows 7 installed. Twice, I went through the process, and twice, it aborted itself halfway through. So, I'm still running Vista.

Annoyingly, I can get into the 'extra' login on the computer, and everything works just fine. The main one, though. Somehow fucked. It blue screens, and freezes, and is trying to give me an aneurysm or something.

Luckily, the second login on the computer is able to do everything except run Trillian or Thunderbird, for reasons I am not even going to begin to try to fathom. It can, however, run virus and malware scans, which is what I've spent the day doing so far. And since I can't run Trillian or Thunderbird, there's very little reason to actually be on the computer. So, my day has been spent largely listening to the Velvets and giving the kitchen a good, deep scrub. The kitchen looks fucking amazing, now. I don't think it's been this shiny since we moved in. I'll probably move onto the bathroom next, depending on how long this system scan takes, and whether or not I'm able to get into the main account afterward. If it is, fantastic! I'll make myself some cucumber sandwiches and spend the rest of the evening pretending to be a vegetable in front of the computer.

If it doesn't work, then.... well, I have a plan. It's a terrible, annoying plan and I loathe to do it, but it's so far the only other plan I have.

I've determined that the issue with installing Windows 7 lies with the install disc I have. There's a flaw, small but visible, in the inner third of the disc. I cannot afford to purchase a copy, because I need to fix the Xbox, which will cost just as much. I do, however, have the means by which to burn every single fucking file I have to DVD, and perform a full system wipe and reinstall. I don't want to do this. It's a nightmare, and I really, really, really don't want to go through the hassle of putting everything BACK onto the computer when I'm done. But, whatever. If I have to, I will.

If I'm not online by tomorrow, this is exactly what's happening.

Also, it would appear that the kitchen tap is now dripping. FANTASTIC.
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If yesterday sucked, today is shaping up to be the worst.

First, the Xbox red-ringed AGAIN. It's also out of warranty now, so that's $120 to get it fixed. GRAH.

While that was being a dick, the computer froze up on me, so I restarted. Now I can't boot back into Windows. Every time I try, I get a fucking BSOD. I managed once to get into Windows, only to get a pop-up telling me that an unauthorised change has been made to the OS, and that I'm no longer allowed to use it.

Uhm, what?

Luckily, I have Ubuntu. I don't really like it, but it works until I can reinstall everything. I might just say fuck it and upgrade to 7, since I've got discs for that somewhere around here. I don't much like 7 either, but it's better than Ubuntu.

I'm very annoyed. I can't get to anything I NEED, because Ubuntu doesn't like Microsoft files.

Not happy.

ETA: This will likely affect RP, since I haven't got the proper email addresses set up on this system. I think this affects specifically Ford Prefect, Gus Dickinson, Travis Martin, and Penn.
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Today’s DE question in the Back Room put me in a mood to rant about this. So rant, I will. There be spoilers in them there hills this post, and will assume that you’re caught up with the most recent episodes.

Another Not-Review of something very few people on my watchlist care about )

This has been bothering me for a very long time, and I'd love for it to finally get explained. Even a Word of God explanation from [ profile] jacksonpublick. Something! Anything!



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