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  • Made a bit of headway on one of my big bang fics.

  • Made vague plans with Bill for tomorrow. The only thing we seem to know for certain is that Sherlock Holmes and alcohol will be involved.

  • Organised all my wool. It's now much easier to get to when I need it.

Oh, yeah. I also sliced off part of my fucking finger! Just the meaty tip part; nothing vital's missing or anything, but still. FUCKING OUCH. Have you ever tried typing without the tip of your middle finger? It doesn't work particularly well. D: This icon is so fucking appropriate, it's not even funny.

Because I know people will ask, I was trying to open a box, and the blade slipped. Bled like a son of a bitch, stained everything. No, I'm not posting pictures, because it hurts too much to deal with.


Dec. 7th, 2011 04:34 pm
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X-Box, what the fuck is this update? I can't find anything! This is horrible, and why the fuck is Netflix under apps now? It's ALWAYS been under video, you fuckers.

At least you gave me back my 'Recently Watched' list. If I had to go manually searching for my show one more time, I was gonna have to choke a bitch. D:


Mar. 10th, 2011 11:57 pm
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So, no one bothered to communicate that Joe got off work at 11:30, rather than 7:30. So it's midnight. And we're on our way to Henderson.


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I went to bed around 8:00, maybe 8:30, with the intent of actually getting some sleep.

Can't sleep. Too much pain. Sitting up hurts. Lying down hurt. I took a warm bath, and felt fine for about ten minutes, and now I hurt again.

To top it off, I really don't feel well. This is also a new development since I attempted to go to bed. I've eaten. Had plenty to drink. The only thing I've not done is sleep. Because I can't, owing to pain and illness.

Fuck it

Feb. 24th, 2011 04:59 pm
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Going to Best Buy. Getting a mouse that doesn't randomly disconnect when it feels like it. Track pads are evil, and mine is the worst of a bad lot.
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I want to write. Really badly. I have loads of ideas, and actually have the drive to do it.

And a headache that's trying to kill me.
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I just spent the last four hours trawling through John Finnemore's blog. I've got a hundred other things I could be doing, and a dozen things I should be doing, and instead, I spent my day reading about library books and Welsh signs.

Does anyone have a spare life? I think I need one. Also, any spare inspiration you could send my way, since I seem to be running low.

ETA: I'm actually going to do one of those things I should have done already, and go to the shop. Also, I'm beginning to get annoyed with iTunes, only half of the time giving me my pause/play options when I hover over the icon on my taskbar. Seriously, Windows 7. Why won't you let it minimise to the system tray like EVERY OTHER VERSION OF WINDOWS? I still hate Windows 7, and don't think I will ever come round to liking it. I've only just today figured out how to GET my system tray, instead of that stupid little pop-up box that makes me miss emails because it hides my Thunderbird notif envelope in there, rather than doing the sensible thing, like putting it where I can sodding see it.

Sorry. Hate Windows 7, and am slightly annoyed that I couldn't get my netbook pre-loaded with Vista, which I actually did quite like very much.

Right. Trousers, shop, and pineapple juice and pasta sauce.

ETA 2: Never mind. I am an idiot, and apparently forgot that minimising to the system tray was not the default setting for iTunes. I guess that's what happens when you install something on your computer four years ago, and then never fiddle with it again. I still sort of hate Windows 7, though. For a myriad of other reasons.
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The only thing that makes their sandwiches edible is the inclusion of pickles. Guess what they left off my order. Apparently no onion = no anything else. Bastards.

But I was hungry, so I ate it anyway.

They also left out my chicken nuggets. Bastards.

Real Post

Jan. 22nd, 2011 02:43 pm
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I'm not feeling very well. This makes me not want to move, because when I move, it hurts and I want to be sick.

This is problematic, because being ill and being in a mood very rarely happen at the same time, so I don't want to just lie down and be a mushroom in my dark little flat. Which, as it happens, is exactly what I'm doing, since the drapes are still drawn and I can't be arsed to get up to turn on any lights. There's a small amount of ambient light coming in from the drapes, and my screen is really bright, so at least I'm not sitting in total darkness.

Give it a few hours.

I ache. I'm bored. I think I might be hungry, but I'm afraid to eat, because I'll just get sick. I know it. I don't like getting sick, because it always gets up into my sinus passages, and then I go around smelling it all day. That happened last time, when I'd sicked up all the orange squash I'd drank a few hours before. Yeah, that was fun. Only, not.

I'm meant to be doing laundry today. Someone come do it for me. I don't want to. Also, I should probably do the shopping. Again, don't want to. Instead, I've just been sitting here, endlessly refreshing the kinkmeme.

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I just watched it last night. It recently occurred to me that despite loving the stories, I've only seen one adaptation ( unless you count the Great Mouse Detective, but that was an adaptation of an adaptation). My in-laws had a copy, so last night before bed, I popped it in to have a look.

It definitely lacked something; a bit too much Die Hard and not enough something else that I can't quite put my finger on. I think the best way to sum up my impression was Snatch with hansom cabs and the odd gay joke. For any other film, this would have been a good thing. But Holmes requires a slightly different treatment.

It was entertaining, but not particularly engaging. I think the only reason I'll be bothering with the next film, if even at all, will be to see what Stephen Fry does with Mycroft. Other than that, I may just pass on it all together.

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...why buttons for men's jackets and shirts are on the right, and on women's jackets and shirts, they're on the left?

I hate that. Ever since I can remember, I've always preferred to go left over right. That's even how I close my dressing gown. But in order to get a coat that actually fit me, I had to shop in the women's section, and I can't actual close my coat in a way that's comfortable.

Well, I can, as there's one random, lone button hole on the left, but it puts an awful lot of strain on that one button. I need to have more button holes put in on that side so I can close it properly. Luckily, it's double-breasted, so it has buttons on both sides. But still. Need an appropriate amount of button holes, plz.

But what's the point? What is it meant to accomplish, beyond confusing the fuck out of someone when they pick up a waistcoat and try to put it on, but the buttons are on the wrong side and it confuses their fingers? What? Is it meant for identification. "Well, I can tell that person's a lady, because their shirt closes right over left."

Seriously, I'd really like to know the answer to this. It's bothering me, now.


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