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I just went down to move my laundry from the washing machine to the dryer. When I got down to the laundry room, one of my socks was on the table in there. Stuff winds up on that table for one of two reasons: either it was left in one of the machines or found on the floor, and someone put it on the table for the owner to find.

But I didn't drop my sock. Because it was wet. And I know it was mine because there aren't many people who would wear knee-high lime green argyle socks (all of my socks are just this side of ridiculous). That, and when I moved my stuff over from the washer to the dryer, I only had one of my green socks in there.

So someone opened up my machine, took out a sock mid-cycle, and put in on the table.

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Did you know that if you've ever kissed another guy, slapped his arse, or hugged/cuddled him, in any context, you are lying to yourself about your heterosexuality?


And women are totally allowed to make out and cuddle and still be called hetero. As are, apparently, men with a beta-male personality.
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No, I live in the sort of world where my idiot husband is too busy looking at snow to notice an SUV running a stop sign, which subsequentially gets him hit by said SUV. And then, idiot husband sends me a text, saying, "You do rent tomorrow. I was just hit by an SUV. I'm OK."

This is not the proper way to word this sort of text message.

Naturally, I tried to call him. Ten times. The only reason I even got hold of him is because he finally rang me back. Apparently the SUV driver gave him $100 and a ride to work.

Yep. Ryan was just hit by an SUV, and he went straight to work. I swear to god, I may wind up killing him for this.


Dec. 8th, 2010 09:23 pm
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At this moment, I have 185 gigabytes worth of assorted data to back-up. I have 30 DVDs remaining, which have been failing at a rate of about 1/3, so I realistically have probably closer to 20 DVDs. I really hate having to pick and choose what I want to save. And even without such a huge fail rate, I'd still need about ten more than I have.

As of this typing, I have been working at backing stuff up for about 13 hours. Maintaining the rate I've been going today, I can probably finish sometime around probably 2:00-3:00 tomorrow afternoon. And then I get to completely to a full system reformat, which hopefully does not just catastrophically fail.

I want my email back. I want my sound back. I want to get out of fucking safe mode and away from 800x600 resolution. I want this thing to stop shitting all over itself every time I ask it to do anything beyond opening Firefox (which is, apparently, even occasionally too much to ask).

I need to go to bed.
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So. I was never able to get Windows 7 installed. Twice, I went through the process, and twice, it aborted itself halfway through. So, I'm still running Vista.

Annoyingly, I can get into the 'extra' login on the computer, and everything works just fine. The main one, though. Somehow fucked. It blue screens, and freezes, and is trying to give me an aneurysm or something.

Luckily, the second login on the computer is able to do everything except run Trillian or Thunderbird, for reasons I am not even going to begin to try to fathom. It can, however, run virus and malware scans, which is what I've spent the day doing so far. And since I can't run Trillian or Thunderbird, there's very little reason to actually be on the computer. So, my day has been spent largely listening to the Velvets and giving the kitchen a good, deep scrub. The kitchen looks fucking amazing, now. I don't think it's been this shiny since we moved in. I'll probably move onto the bathroom next, depending on how long this system scan takes, and whether or not I'm able to get into the main account afterward. If it is, fantastic! I'll make myself some cucumber sandwiches and spend the rest of the evening pretending to be a vegetable in front of the computer.

If it doesn't work, then.... well, I have a plan. It's a terrible, annoying plan and I loathe to do it, but it's so far the only other plan I have.

I've determined that the issue with installing Windows 7 lies with the install disc I have. There's a flaw, small but visible, in the inner third of the disc. I cannot afford to purchase a copy, because I need to fix the Xbox, which will cost just as much. I do, however, have the means by which to burn every single fucking file I have to DVD, and perform a full system wipe and reinstall. I don't want to do this. It's a nightmare, and I really, really, really don't want to go through the hassle of putting everything BACK onto the computer when I'm done. But, whatever. If I have to, I will.

If I'm not online by tomorrow, this is exactly what's happening.

Also, it would appear that the kitchen tap is now dripping. FANTASTIC.
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If yesterday sucked, today is shaping up to be the worst.

First, the Xbox red-ringed AGAIN. It's also out of warranty now, so that's $120 to get it fixed. GRAH.

While that was being a dick, the computer froze up on me, so I restarted. Now I can't boot back into Windows. Every time I try, I get a fucking BSOD. I managed once to get into Windows, only to get a pop-up telling me that an unauthorised change has been made to the OS, and that I'm no longer allowed to use it.

Uhm, what?

Luckily, I have Ubuntu. I don't really like it, but it works until I can reinstall everything. I might just say fuck it and upgrade to 7, since I've got discs for that somewhere around here. I don't much like 7 either, but it's better than Ubuntu.

I'm very annoyed. I can't get to anything I NEED, because Ubuntu doesn't like Microsoft files.

Not happy.

ETA: This will likely affect RP, since I haven't got the proper email addresses set up on this system. I think this affects specifically Ford Prefect, Gus Dickinson, Travis Martin, and Penn.
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So, when I said that nothing was going on today?

Totally and utterly lied.

I've been doing laundry since about 9am. I didn't realise how much stuff we had in bags. D: I'm nearly done, though. I may even have a few quarters left over when I'm done.

Doing laundry means going outside. This means running into my neighbours. Most of them are kinda creepy, but the guy on the other side of the building, whom I have to pass to get to the laundry room, is pretty cool. He's about mid-40s or so and lives in one of these tiny-ass little apartments with his lady, who apparently left him last night (or at least, made it very clear that she's planning on doing it soon). So, he's home today and totally losing his mind. Last week (I think. It may have been the week previous) I lent him a book, and he's been going nuts over it. Apparently he really likes theoretical physics, and didn't even know it. Talking to him today, I learned that we're allowed to paint our apartments. I've never been in his before today, but he's done his kitchen up with racing stripes and motorcycles. It looks really slick.

So, I'm in the process of getting the apartment cleaned up, because I am TOTALLY doing this place up. I'm so sick of the yellow walls and disgusting wood patterns in the kitchen. I really like this place, and it's affordable, and since moving doesn't seem like it's going to be happening, I'm going to make this place look like something I can live with for a while.

While I was talking with Rich, my mum sent me a text message about how she's grateful for everyone in her life. She'll do this sort of thing every now and again, and it usually means that she's found god again, as she's wont to do every few years. Turns out, I was sort of half right. Apparently my step-brother, Leo, rolled his car last night. Ten times. And walked away.

This is the second time something like this has happened. The first time, it was my cousin, Zach. He did pretty much the same thing. Rolled his car, took out a road sign, and hit a tree. And then got up and phoned for a tow-truck. WTF?

I also finally mailed that package. Now I don't have to look at it any more.

So, there we go. It's not even midday, and aside from the laundry, the entire day has changed completely from what I'd expected.
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Goddamnit. Someone sold my email address to a mailing list. And I'm fairly certain I know who it was, too.

I only use this email address for PayPal and my comic shop mailing list. In the last hour, I've gotten about ten spam messages sent to that address.

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So, I've been wrestling with PayPal for a while now, trying to get a debit card from them.

I call them up today, and the guy on the phone wants to know how my name appears on my social security card.

Only it's not there. Nor is my ID.

Now I'm really freaking out, because I spent three hours earlier today trying to find my keys as well. Together, this makes no sense. I had my keys last night when I got home. I know this, because I unlocked the door.

I had my ID at the pub last night. I know this because it was the freaking pub.

Words fail to describe right now. D:

It's official. [livejournal.com profile] writingvixen is psychic. She told me where to find my keys and cards, all the way from freaking Iowa.

I told her to do that for Randi, and get rich.
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Seriously. WHAT THE FUCK?

Somehow, Ryan's cheque was for $320. That's like $700 short. On a rent week. With no groceries in the cupboards.

ARGH wtf?
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We all remember Joe, right? The 40-year-old child that threw a bitch fit last summer.

Oh, my god, this man is starting to really creep me out. I tried breaking up with him. He didn't get the point. I've tried cutting him out, and he didn't get the point.

Now he's sending me copies of his tweets via text message, "IN CASE I'VE MISSED THEM."

What the ever-loving FUCK is this? This is worse than when he watched everybody on my Twitter feed and LJ F-List. Marginally so, but still.

I feel kinda violated.
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So, for those following what was going on, with the job situation, it's done.

For those not following along, here's what happened (in a nutshell):

Life was great, working for Sony. But then, our Christmas rush, which traditionally goes from late November through early September, stopped a week and a half into December. It got to the point at the beginning of this month that people were being sent home only hours into their shift, because no calls were coming in. So, the solution for this was to, of course, cut back. And how do they do this? Not by getting rid of the people still in, or just barely out of training. No. They started with the lot of us that have been with the campaign since the June-September mark, and moved us back to the other department. The other department which we all left for reasons of extreme emotional (and some physical) distress. This was not an option. We were told on Thursday that we would be moving, many from a closing shift to an opening shift, and that it would start Monday.


Some of you have fallen victim to this, in the form of waking up to several score emails in your inbox all letting you know that I've replied to nearly every damn one of your journal entries. Waking up at five in the morning is not an option when I'm lucky to be asleep before one or two. I told them this. I begged to be kept on at part time. But, alas, Sitel is made of fail and AIDS, and I couldn't survive the first week. I cracked, had two spaz attacks in the car park, and another in HR, went home, and slept for two days.

On the plus side (all you talking about "learned optimism" on my F-List, I've been practising this for years), it's given me the opportunity to focus on my screen play which I plan on selling, as well as my novel project, which I also plan on selling, hopefully, as well as my art commissions and pay-site.

They say that money can't buy happiness, so I'll just rent it. I'm putting most of my confidence in my porn and my screen play, as my novel seems to be likely the hardest candidate to get to behave.

So, for my Sitel friends, this is why I'm not there any more. They nearly killed me, and they're about to lose more for the same reason.

And on that bombshell, I'm off to draw some porn or something.
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*dies and is dead*

I had to run out and get a new short box for my 2000 AD comics, and it seemed really odd to me that the place that sells them (not the same place where I get the comics, oddly enough) had them pre-assembled. So, I popped it open, and THERE WAS A MOTHER FUCKING TARANTULA IN THE MOTHER FUCKING BOX!!!!

I just had a goddamn heart attack, and I think I'm going to find my short boxes elsewhere, where they don't come pre-assembled from now on.


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