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I like to read the announcements that sites like LJ and DW send out via email. I like to know what's going on with companies I give money to (although LJ is no longer one of them), and especially like to know how those companies are spending my money.

This past month's increase in income has allowed us to increase our server power, continue to restock the war chest, and invest in some infrastructure upgrades. (Plus, we bought [staff profile] mark a pizza while he was hacking on community import.)

They bought Mark a pizza. They just accounted for one of the most random $10 a company can spend. LJ barely lets you know what they're doing with the servers anymore, and DW has let us know that they bought Mark a pizza. I really hope to continue to see this level of honesty from DW. I have to say, I'm really starting to like it here.
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It's not even midday, but today's been fairly interesting.

This morning, I decided that I'm sick of having more DVDs than I have shelves. So, I loaded up as many DVDs as I could manage (still leaving at least half of the collection on the shelves), and took them down to the pawn shop. At 50ยข each, I came home with $130. Holy fuck, that was a lot of DVDs. And now I have space for even more!

lol not. Netflix has eaten our souls, and that's where we've been getting most of our movies from. The only DVDs I've purchased lately are the sorts of things even Netflix won't carry.

On my way to the pawn shop, my dad rang me, because his Blu-Ray player has fucked up, making it impossible to get to Netflix (because I totally got him addicted last month. Whoops). Since I was lugging a bunch of DVDs to the pawn shop, I told him I'd call him when I got home. When that came about, he was apparently still having issues with it. My dad is one of the most technologically inept people on the planet. It so bad. So after about a half hour of getting nowhere, I just told him to turn off his power strip. His modem, as well as the BD Player (amongst a few other things, but they are not important right now) are plugged into it, so we pretty much killed two birds with one stone and rebooted both the modem and the BD Player at once.

I'm not sure which it was, but one of them was the problem. Netflix is working again. And now, he knows why the red button on his power strip is useful.

And now, I am going shopping. I hope that I don't explode.
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Have you ever had one of those days when you weren't just expecting something unfortunate to happen, but you KNEW it would happen? I'm not talking about how we all "know" something bad's going to happen; that sort of odd paranoia that just comes from being an adult. I mean that you had forewarning of impending badness, and you knew you couldn't stop it, so you just scheduled it into your day.

Today was like that. I had to go out and make a purchase that I knew would overdraw my account. There was just no getting around it. I couldn't magically increase my bank account figures, and the purchase had to be made. So, I went out to the shop, knowing down to the cent exactly how much money was in my account.

And when I got to the check-out counter, I was surprised to find that part of my purchase had been on sale, and by just enough to keep me from overdrawing. I've got about $1.50 in my account, now. But the important point is not at how utterly broke I am now. The point is that I've actually got a positive balance and won't have to pick up an overdraft charge. I can live off $1.50 until pay day. I've survived on less.

Secretly, this is a good thing.

It's still way to goddamn hot, though.


Jul. 9th, 2010 02:57 pm
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I need to find a way to raise about $3000. To quote Jeremy Clarkson's famous "last words," how hard can it be?

(This is not for bills, nor is it for any sort of dire circumstance. Instead, it's for a project which has the potential to either be a LOT of fun, or an incredible disaster.)
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  • Wait for Paypal to unarse itself so I can get a debit card from them.

  • Balance funds between the family account and my personal account for bills and junk.

  • Pay for Califur (doing that on Friday).

  • Sell as much art as possible between now and Califur.

  • Fix my dressing gown and pyjamas before Califur.

  • Fix up my "copy" of the Hitchhiker's Guide before Califur (yes, I'm cosplaying as Arthur Dent at Califur. What?)

  • Go shopping, because I have a box of macaroni, and some bread in the cupboard. (I'm going to go do that right now, actually)

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So, I'm dealing with a commissioner from Canada. No big deal. I've dealt with people from all over the world.

This person is still in school. Again, not really worried since they just wanted a cartoon otter.

Since they're in school, they have to post the payment, rather than use PayPal. Again, fine. I tell them that in this case, I prefer something more insured than cash, like cashier's cheque, or a money order.

Here's where it gets fun. This person doesn't know what either of these things are. I explain what it is, how to get one, and why I prefer them to cash. This goes on for about 20 minutes, at which point they decide that this is too difficult, and that they'll have to send cash, and I tell them to just make sure to wrap it in a few pieces of printer paper.

Oh, wait. They don't know how to post something. I weep for this generation if they're so plugged in that they've never dropped an envelope in the postbox before.

I have a very strong suspicion that I'm not going to be paid for this piece.


May. 13th, 2010 12:53 pm
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I hate them.

Uhm... wow.

Jan. 2nd, 2010 11:34 am
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In the first time since... forever, the bills are all paid up, rent's done on time, there's food in the cupboards, and there's money in the bank.

What am I meant to complain about, now? I haven't got anything left to complain about.


Okay, here's one. Char got me hooked on Casualty, and now I can't find any of the episodes she's suggested. Boo.


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