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I post loads and loads of icons over at [community profile] tweedandtinsel. This journal also doubles as a fic journal, but I've not been writing much lately though.

But icons. Lots and lots of icons.


Feb. 4th, 2012 07:09 am
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So... I may be about ten pages in on a Fight Club parody fic for a certain other fandom. Or two.

I blame you, [personal profile] remindmeofthe. This is all your fault.
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I've updated the pattern a bit and posted better instructions and some visuals for the more difficult bits.

See it here
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I just spent the last four hours trawling through John Finnemore's blog. I've got a hundred other things I could be doing, and a dozen things I should be doing, and instead, I spent my day reading about library books and Welsh signs.

Does anyone have a spare life? I think I need one. Also, any spare inspiration you could send my way, since I seem to be running low.

ETA: I'm actually going to do one of those things I should have done already, and go to the shop. Also, I'm beginning to get annoyed with iTunes, only half of the time giving me my pause/play options when I hover over the icon on my taskbar. Seriously, Windows 7. Why won't you let it minimise to the system tray like EVERY OTHER VERSION OF WINDOWS? I still hate Windows 7, and don't think I will ever come round to liking it. I've only just today figured out how to GET my system tray, instead of that stupid little pop-up box that makes me miss emails because it hides my Thunderbird notif envelope in there, rather than doing the sensible thing, like putting it where I can sodding see it.

Sorry. Hate Windows 7, and am slightly annoyed that I couldn't get my netbook pre-loaded with Vista, which I actually did quite like very much.

Right. Trousers, shop, and pineapple juice and pasta sauce.

ETA 2: Never mind. I am an idiot, and apparently forgot that minimising to the system tray was not the default setting for iTunes. I guess that's what happens when you install something on your computer four years ago, and then never fiddle with it again. I still sort of hate Windows 7, though. For a myriad of other reasons.
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There was a post on FFRants about cut and paste plagiarism, and this idea struck me. So, I found a Fuzz fic I wrote that had some very disticnt images of Sandford, and ran a find/replace script on it to make a Sherlock fic.

Be warned. Here be very OOC porn.

Cut and Paste Fiction - Shiraz )


Jan. 3rd, 2011 03:57 am
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I make a lot of icons, and then utterly fail to share them.

[livejournal.com profile] the_zword

Now I have a place to post them. :D

Yeah, I was totally looking for something with which to distract myself tonight.
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I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with this, but it's clearly a sign that I've been reading too much lately. Ignore any spelling errors, as I'm in bed on my iPhone.

"the universe exists in eleven dimensions. Humans --you -- can only perceive it in four. Well, three and a half."

"Three and a half?"

"Yes. You have your spatial dimensions; your X, Y, and Z axes. The fourth dimension being time, which you perceive as being linear, but it isn't. It's more of a sort of ball, only it isn't. Timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly. Call that your W axis, if you want."

"And you can perceive all eleven dimensions, then?"

"Me? No. I'm only a Time Lord. I can only perceive six. There are other races -- higher beings, you might call them -- that can perceive the other five."

"and what might all these other dimensions be, oh mighty Time Lord?"

"After time, you've got light, -- V axis -- then gravity, your U axis--"

"Hang on, Space Teeth. Everybody knows about light and gravity. If those are dimensions, then we can perceive those as well."

"Ah, well, no. You can't. You can only sense the effects those dimensions have on the rest of the universe. It's like... It's like... It's like hiding under your bed as a child. It's cramped, and you can only fit if you lie flat on your stomach. There isn't any room to move up and down, but you can move about quite easily on the floor, going frontward, backward, and side to side. But if someone comes along and starts jumping on the bed with you underneath it still, you're going to feel the effects of them jumping up and down, even if you can't move up and down, yourself."

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