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I started taking Zyrtech yesterday because my allergies have got so bad that it gets to the point that I actually can't see from how badly my eyes would water. Ten tiny little milligrams of it.

It says 'may cause drowsiness,' which okay. Things do that. I took the tablet around 9am, and made it til about 3pm before it I was damn near falling asleep at my keyboard. So I figured I'd go take a bath and maybe try to wake up a bit, since that does actually tend to help.

The next thing I know, it's 2am and I'm in bed. I think Ryan put me there, because I don't remember going there under my own steam. Or maybe I did and just don't remember.

The point is, holy fuck.

Now I'm starting to get a bit stuffed up again, but I can't take another tablet until around 9am. Because it says on the label. And I can definitely see why.

Two things

Feb. 3rd, 2012 05:05 pm
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First: Three prompt posts on [personal profile] cabinpres_fic already? Jeez you guys! Keep it up! :D

Second: I just spent most of my early morning watching My Life in Film. Why does this show not have a bigger following? I have not laughed quite so hard in a very long time. Although, I do admit that the episodes probably fall extremely flat if you haven't seen the films they're based on.

That said, the Shallow Grave episode. OMG what is this thing of beauty? The Shining was pretty amazing too. And I have to say, it bugs the crap out of me that Jones apparently has no first name. I mean, he's so painfully public school, but still. His own mum even calls him Jones. What is that? Augh.


Jan. 21st, 2011 03:43 am
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I couldn't get my video to play. Not fair.

Also, I have just remembered a very strange dream I had last night. Or rather, I have remembered part of it. There was something to do with my brothers (well, two of them anyway. I don't think Billy was there; Leo might have been though. So let's call it two and a half). I was trying to catch a bus, but Terry was trying to move out of his flat, and needed to raise $3M for repairs before he could turn in his keys. And Luke was doing something with comics. I don't think I caught my bus.

Maybe I'll fix supper shortly. Also, I am annoyed that Semagic won't load at all, now.
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There was a post on FFRants about cut and paste plagiarism, and this idea struck me. So, I found a Fuzz fic I wrote that had some very disticnt images of Sandford, and ran a find/replace script on it to make a Sherlock fic.

Be warned. Here be very OOC porn.

Cut and Paste Fiction - Shiraz )
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I'm in the process of putting stuff back on my computer. I must have gotten really tired, and just started working on auto pilot at one point last night, because these are some of the labels I put on the DVDs:

Desktop (okay, I have a vague idea of the sort of things I had saved to the desktop, but still kinda vague)
Lots of Stuff
Other Stuff

I'm looking for a specific Word document right now. Since the only things that go on the desktop are icons and crap I downloaded from LiveJournal, this document is on one of the other three DVDs.

WTF, self?
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I deleted them, apparently. I think I might even remember when. Over the summer, I went for like, three days solid without sleep, which sort of turned into a case of "Woah. Zed's gone crazy."

I deleted a lot of my online galleries during that time. Apparently I deleted most of my LJ as well. lol whoops.

Anyway, doing some house keeping around here. If there's an old post that you really need for whatever reason, then most of my stuff has been transferred over to http://zed.dreamwidth.org for a sort of back-up. Dunno why you'd need anything, but there it is if you do.


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