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Today is going to be a writing day, I think. I've figured out Recovery to the point that I should be able to actually finish it by the weekend.

Also, it would appear as though the builders are done next door. My reasoning for this hypothesis is such: from the day they started in that unit, we have had no hot water, the water had been shut off without warning more times than I could count, and our bathroom flooded once (which ruined the sorts of paper products a person generally keeps under the sink, which was the source of the flood).

Two days in a row, I have been seriously burnt by the water coming from the taps. It seems to have once again been set to best suit the needs of lava people from the surface of the Sun.

This may have something to do with my decision to write, instead of draw tonight, as the hand that I damaged just a few minutes ago is the one I use to draw.
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Benedict. Your face is impossible. I have never had so much difficulty drawing a person in my life.
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Having the $10 little desk fan I picked up from Target is absolutely VITAL to the apartment keeping cool.

It got unplugged so we could watch a movie on Netflix last night, and never plugged back in (had to swap it out with the X-Box).

Possibly because I am sadistic, I'm going to try an experiment tonight. I'm going to turn off the AC and keep the fan on. This is one of those cases where I will be very sad and disappointed with the world if I'm right.


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